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Monday, September 19, 2011

We did something different on Sunday.

We attended our church's first-ever contemporary worship service





I'm proud of my church for trying something new, for pushing the envelope just a bit. I'm excited about this opportunity for my family, because it was our first-ever contemporary service, too. First time (outside of camp and VBS) that I've ever depended on a projection screen for the words of a song. First time I've ever swayed with my child as we sang songs of praise. First time I've ever seen hands lifted in worship at church.

I bet that shocks some of you in really different ways. If you live in my town, you may find it hard to imagine a service like that at my church. (It is kind of a traditional place!) Maybe you've never attended church with a dressed-down vibe.


Maybe you think it is incredibly strange that I would mention any of this because that is how you worship every single Sunday. "What is the big deal?" you may be wondering.

Well, it was just that . . . I felt a palpable energy in the air as folks gathered for something anticipated and new. I saw delighted disbelief when they had to move back the partitions, open up the room, and bring in extra chairs.

It kinda was a big deal, because worlds didn't collide - they blended beautifully. Traditional met less traditional. Piano met guitar. Ties met v-necks. Okay, maybe nobody went that far, but a "we'll take our wooden pews and hymnals and stained glass windows, thank you very much" bubble was burst in the most delicate and friendly way. I'm pretty sure it burst into lots of teeny tiny bubbles of possibility, which cheered everyone as they moved from awkward to comfortable in a new setting.

That is the wonderful part of trying something new - it becomes familiar. Then you are comfortable, and you want to do it again.

I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Have you ever tried a new worship experience?

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10 Responses to “The Net”

  1. I love when we do something different for worship. I go to quite a lively church yet I love the ritual of a service with liturgy and I love to visit my friends church that only sings Psalms and has no instruments. Worship can be so different yet so touching- I'm glad God made us so different. 

  2. I'm excited for you!  Just like a weekend getaway with your spouse, sometimes it's good to experience worship in a new way!

  3. I love different way of worship.  Our church is very contemporary and love it.  Every once in a while it is nice to do traditional or very quiet!  Glad your church is branching out.

  4. Yes mam I have tried it and I have been there ever since.  We just started a new church in Charleston.  It's called New Spring Church.  Have you heard about it?  Here is the web link.    I miss traditional at times, but thank God we have many different ones that make it a fit for everyone.  God bless your church for branching out!

  5. Hi Dawn, Thanks for commenting! I just visited the site - very cool. I did not know about New Spring but am glad it is here. Looks like a great ministry. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Our church is contemporary worship and I love it.  That is where I feel most comfortable.  But, I love when the band takes traditional hymns and plays them too.  Some of the older hymns are some of the most beautiful!

  7. I had this all written out as a reply to your comment (thank you, btw) and realized your email was a "no reply" :(  So here it is!!! Hope you don't mind me posting it here:
    Once I "saw" Jesus in the
    OT it totally changed my relationship with God. The trust that had been kind of
    on the surface, went deep when I saw His complete, perfect and eternal plan and
    understood that He had this plan from the beginning, before the beginning!

    I know you will be
    blessed in your reading, Courtney!

    BTW - love that top 10
    list you posted today!!!!


  8. I am a girl who was raised with the choir and the organ but who has a soul that turns to the guitars and drums.  Love, love, love that your church stepped out in faith.  

  9. Smilimg :) It's very easy for Christians to be sceptical and suspicious about new things. Maybe God won't approve? But God doesn't fit into any size or shape of a box - not even one with stained glass windows with people wearing ties in it. But yes, trying new things can sometimes go to far, too, so it all should be done with lots of prayer.

    Praying that your church finds freedom and new joy in Him who is worthy of ALL praise - including contemporary :D

  10. Hi June, Thanks for taking the time to get back to me! I don't know why my email is "no reply" - I'll have to sort that out. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!!