Things I Do For Boys

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As the mother of two boys, I often find myself shaking my head at my situation - at the testosterone heavy, dirt encrusted world I call home.

I almost always have something to laugh about, and think, "Wow, that was unexpected!" or "Ten years ago, I wouldn't have guessed that I'd be standing here." Those thoughts lead me to this list:

Ten Things I Can't Believe My Boys Have Gotten Me To Do
(so far)

(1) I touched a frog.
(2) I allowed it into my house, in a jar, for two days, until we couldn't find anything to feed it and decided he would be better off in nature.
(3) I can draw just about any truck - to satisfy a preschooler.
(4) I audibly gasped when I recently discovered Red the Firetruck at a consignment sale. I snatched it up and then carried it around like gold.
(5) I agreed to be the sideline coach at soccer practice, even though I've never played any organized sport in my entire life.
(6) I teach Sunday School.
(7) I dove head first onto the slip-n-slide, for the first time ever, at age 33.
(8) I've stopped thinking twice about letting them pee outside.
(9) I know where all the fire stations are around here, and I've been known to circle back for a particularly active construction site.
(10) I can name that dinosaur.

How have your children stretched your interests, boundaries, or capabilities?

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4 Responses to “Things I Do For Boys”

  1. Love this Courtney!

    For me, on the more trivial side of life, my boys have broadened my knowledge on all things trucks, taught me that furniture is, indeed, destructible and requires firm boundaries of a "no jumping" policy, and (for all my four), increased my capacity to carry multiple things at one time to reduce the number of trips required between house and vehicle.

    On the deeper side, they have grown my patience, capacity to love, highlighted sin-tendencies that need to be taken care of and caused me to fall on my knees in prayer more times than I can count.

  2. Those are some dirty toes ;)
    My kids have gotten me outside more. They've made me really think about my relationship with God. Though I've always been a little bit spontaneous, they've taught me that throwing the master plan out the window is sometimes OK. They've shown me my limits and how to multitask like a complete pro. They've also shown me that the simple things in life are sometimes the most fulfilling and reminded me what innocence looks like. 
    And I could go on!

  3. Oh, I love this list!  I have 2 girls who love dirt, mud, trains and trucks!  I too have circled the block for fire stations and spent hours watching construction sites :)  The recent rains in our area led to a LOT of damages - which led to many construction vehicles behind our house.  Hours of entertainment for my girls!  Lovely site - I'll be back to visit!!

  4. Coming over to visit from the "Raising Godly Men Linkup" from the MOB Society.  Nice to "meet" you!  :-)  I couldn't help but smile at your list.  With 3 boys, my list would look very similar to yours!  :-)  When we were at the beach this summer, they didn't bring a frog back to the house, but a sand crab.  And he "lived" in the sand filled bucket until my husband and I convinced them that the little guy would be better on the real beach, lol!  :-)

    I hope you have a great weekend filled with great adventures!
    Many blessings,

    P.S.  I am now a new follower, as well!  :-)