WFMW: The Cowgirl in Me

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today is my birthday. I celebrated last week by impulsively purchasing something I've been wanting since I grew out of my first pair at age 7:

Maybe my best birthday gift to me, ever.

Thanks to Hubby for graciously admiring them, and for not canceling the gift he'd already gotten me. I'm a lucky girl.

Oh, and since it is Wednesday, cowboy boots Work For Me!!


I must disclose that this post has been greatly influenced by the following:
- My Midwestern roots planted in a Southern home.
- The best show that (was) on TV, Friday Night Lights. Darn that Lyla and her sundresses worn with boots! I want a do-over for my high school wardrobe.
- And yes, I did take the boots outside for a photo. They don't look right on carpet.

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10 Responses to “WFMW: The Cowgirl in Me”

  1. love the boots! I still own and regularly wear the cowgirl boots my dad bought me when I was 15. Since they're 20 years old, I guess they're vintage now. :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!! And cowboy boots are a must-have. I think they are my most favorite thing
    in my closet! Love yours!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Love the boots.  Since moving to TX, I've wanted to purchase a pair, but haven't yet.  Great choice!
    Have a fantastic day!

  4. Love the boots!!! It really is weird how much we are alike. I feel that deep down I am a cowgirl at heart too. I grew up in ranching and farming communities and some day would love to live in the country with my own horse. I'm glad you gave yourself such a great gift! Happy Birthday!

  5. Thanks, Nancy! I feel pretty spiffy now :)

  6. Stefanie - I got really fired up about the boots when I went to visit a friend in Dallas years ago. If you live in TX you MUST have boots! You have so many choices there - enjoy!!

  7. Yep - I now what you mean, Megan. There was a time when I thought I was a city girl, but it turns out that I am much more country at heart. One of my favorite sounds is the crunch of gravel under tires . . . or boots!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!! I love your boots! What a great treat for yourself-you deserve it!  D gave me a pair for Christmas a few years ago, and I love wearing them with skirts, dresses, and jeans.

    I hope you and the boys are doing well. We've been out of town for a couple of weekends. Hope to see you soon!  Kylee

  9. Thanks, Kylee! I miss you and hope to see you soon, too!!