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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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So, what's up here on a Tuesday? Well . . . I've been looking at photos from last October,

(hello, Little Guy!)

and the number of photos on my computer right now is kind of scary. They are kinda organized. But the number - oh, the number. I dare not say it.

What a perfect time for me to join the One Bite at a Time party over at Life Rearranged. I've had my eye on Tsh's new e-book for a while. It contains "52 projects for making life simpler," and is built around this quote, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

Or, "How do you organize your photos? One click at a time." I can do One Bite at a Time, but I'd rather do it with others - and check in only once a month. It feels doable.

So far, I've enjoyed digging into One Bite, and I am eager to start making check marks in all those nifty little boxes. Here are the projects I'm most looking forward to:

Top Ten "I totally need to do that!" Bites Projects

(1) Streamline your mail - it currently piles up on our kitchen counter
(2) Streamline your receipt system - ditto
(3) Eat whole foods (on a budget) - is that possible?
(4) Make your kitchen paperless - umh, ditto?
(5) Plan in advance for holidays - define "in advance"
(6) Organize your photo collection - this haunts me

(7) Go on dates with your kids - sound like fun
(8) Streamline your email - I'm sensing a theme, here. . .
(9) Find a hobby (and become a lifelong learner) - does blogging count?
(10) Say no - yes!

I bet you could work on at least one of those, too. Are you in?

The Life Rearranged link up will happen on the first Wednesday of every month. See you there on November 2nd!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

The number is 4,965. Delete, delete, delete . . .

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3 Responses to “I'm In”

  1. I have that e-book too.  Maybe now I will be inspired to start it too!  One bite at a time, sounds easy enough but I know that it will be hard to tackle!!  

  2. Love the Little Guy photos - they made me smile. Here's a website (http://www.womansday.com/Articles/Home/Organizing/Curb-Paper-Clutter-at-Home.html) I came across that addresses the paper clutter issue - I applied it and it's worked (sort of). The thing it hasn't done is made me love taking time out of my day to keep it under control. :)

  3. Regarding #10 - A friend once shared that each time you are asked to do something or add something new to 'your plate' to first "say no" and then, after praying about it, say yes if desirable. But saying no first, keeps you from regretting how many times you say "sure I can help".