Reaping - Chapters 7 and 8

Monday, October 31, 2011

Andrea has written about Chapters 7 and 8 of The Power of a Positive Momfor Reap to Sow today. Click here to read what she is reaping from this powerful book.

If you are reading along . . . On Friday, Andrea will pick a Power Point from Chapters 7 and 8 to discuss and apply ~ to sow.

We hope you will join her in Friday's comments and provide a link to your blog if you decide to write on these chapters this week. We
want to join in your discussion and create a real sense of community here.

Thanks for reaping and sowing with us!

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One Response to “Reaping - Chapters 7 and 8”

  1. My kids are dressing up as a Genie, Firefighter/Rescue Hero, and maybe a monkey if the 2 year old will wear his costume. :)