Sowing - Chapters 5 and 6

Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to Reap to Sow, where we are discussing The Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd. Links for this series are posted below - click to catch up or jump right in!

I hope you have enjoyed reading Chapters 5 and 6 of The Power of a Positive Momthis week. On Monday we talked about what we can reap from those chapters. Today, we will talk about sowing - What actions from the Power Points can we apply in our lives to become more positive mothers?

Chapter 5: The Beauty of a Smile
I focused on the "choose" point here, and have made a conscious effort to smile more. I've remembered to smile when walking through a crowd, instead of just staring straight ahead. It actually calms me down, as I'm not a fan of crowds. I've also tried to smile at my family more. They make me happy, but reading this chapter helped me realize that I don't always show it. I am famous (within my family) for furrowing my brow in concentration. I often look a lot more serious than I feel, so smiling is a worthwhile effort for me.

I've found that smiling has especially helped me when I am dealing with rambunctious boys. I don't always understand them, but I love them - I want them to remember a smiling mom and not one who looked seriously perplexed. The best part of this exercise has been the surprised and sincere smiles I've gotten back from the boys when I simply looked at them, and smiled.

Chapter 6: The Power of Prayer
As I mentioned on Monday, this chapter really spoke to me about making prayer a higher priority in my life. I've been writing my prayers down for 18 months now, and I agree with Karol that this is a wonderful exercise. It helps me remember to pray for people in need, and I can clearly see how God answers prayers when things get checked off the list. Writing prayers requires me to find quiet time . . . and actually pray! I don't write a prayer every day, but when I take the time to read back through the prayers, check off the answered ones and add to the list, it is extremely gratifying and humbling.

Another great tip from Chapter Six is to pray for your children based on scripture. I sorta do this already with this Prayer Calendar for Mothers, which I keep in my Bible and hypothetically consult daily during my morning quiet time . . . again, I need consistency and discipline in this area! That prayer calendar from Inspired to Action is wonderful, but Karol's suggestions on pages 89-90 have made me realize that if I don't actually read the scripture attached to the prayer prompt, then I'm just saying words that don't have a lot of meaning for me. When I read the scripture, and directly associate my prayers with it, it feels more powerful. Purposeful. Like I'm really doing something for my kids; like I'm being Mom.

What Power Points did you choose to sow this week? Are you smiling more, praying more - both? What spoke to you?

If you've written a blog post on these chapters, please link it up in the comments below, and please (blogger or not) feel free to discuss any of the Power Points in the comments.

Reap to Sow: An Introduction

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2 Responses to “Sowing - Chapters 5 and 6”

  1. I really got a lot of these chapters.  I know that I have a stern or even exasperated look on my face most of the time with my boys.  I am trying to be better about smiling because when I do, the look on their faces is worth it!  It seems so easy but it is hard to remember in the day-to-day life.

    I have tried being more specific in my prayers about the boys this week.  Praying for what kind of men I want them to be, traits I would like for them to learn, and most importantly, patience for me as I try to teach them these things.  It never seems quiet enough around here to pray so I have to do it when I can, in the middle of the chaos!!!

    Great discussion, Courtney.  Thanks so much for doing this!  I am getting a lot out of it!

  2. I have to be conscious of my facial expressions. Sometimes I wear an angry or upset look, when I'm feeling just fine. My kids will ask me what's wrong and I confusedly look back at them with "Why?"
    I wonder why I do that!