WFMW: So I Used to Dance

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've started admiring The Backyardigans' dance moves.

I'm wondering how one gets a job as the animation choreographer . . . and I'm considering spending the afternoon teaching that routine to my kids. This is a problem because I used to be a dancer. My career started with ballet when I was three, and ended with the college dance team. It wasn't glorious, but it was mine, and I loved it. I've missed dancing ever since, but this - cartoons as my dance inspiration - may be a new low.


Actually, watching Dancing With the Stars as I write this may be a new low. Good gracious.

What is a former dancer to do? Well I'll tell you what I've done - I've enjoyed quite a few So You Think You Can Dance clips on You Tube, and to round things out, I even found an old BBC clip from SYTYCD featuring the same song:

I kinda think the Backyardigans did it better . . .

Do you ever look back at past passions? Have you found surprising ways (like cartoons!) to keep them alive?

Finding inspiration anywhere Works for Me on this Wednesday.

P.S. If you are viewing this via email you've got to click the title to come over to the website to view the videos. Promise they are worth it :)

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One Response to “WFMW: So I Used to Dance”

  1. I wanted to be an architect but was forced out of architecture school.  I am happy with my career in social science research, but I do still think about buildings a lot.  I have at least 20 books of house plans that I pore over for at least an hour a week or so.  I still draw buildings occasionally.  And perhaps the weirdest thing I do is explore "behind the scenes" in public buildings when I get the chance.  A while back, my son and I were hanging flyers for a church event on the campus of my alma mater when I exclaimed, "Hey, that stairway wasn't there before!" and was all set to run down it just to see what was there when my son rolled his eyes and said, "Mama.  Don't start!" :-)