Chapters 15 and 16

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Monday! Andrea and I are still working through The Power of a Positive Momby Karol Ladd. It is such a powerful little book. Andrea has written about what we might reap from Chapters 15 and 16 today. Click here to read it.

If you are reading along . . . On Friday, Andrea will pick a Power Point from Chapters 15 and 16 to discuss and apply ~ to sow.

We hope you will join us in Friday's comments and provide a link to your blog there if you decide to write on those chapters this week.

Thanks for reaping and sowing with us!

Reap to Sow: An Introduction

P.S. Two unrelated things that I've got to share:
(1) Our Christmas tree is up and I couldn't be happier about how it moves the heart of our home out of the room with the TV.
(2) The best holiday giveaway series has started at one of my favorite places, Simple Living Media. Enjoy!

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