If Only I'd Pinned It

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am a slack collector of ideas. I have a Pinterest account, but I've never pinned a thing. I read blogs and magazines, but can't remember where I saw what. I figure if something stays with me long enough, then I will do it. It is strange, because I am super organized in certain areas of my life, but with recording inspirations - not so much.

Still, I've had a few ideas clanging around in my brain recently. These are the

Top Ten Things that I should've pinned because I want* to do them over Thanksgiving weekend:

(1) Write a thank you note to someone who has impacted my life over the last year; especially someone who may have no idea.

(2) Ask my kids what they are thankful for and record it in some cool way that we can add to year after year. I've seen this done on everything from a stretched canvas to laminated leaves. I've decided on a tablecloth. I bought this one at Tuesday Morning for $10 and think it may be just the ticket . . .

(Nothing photographs well in our kitchen with sunshine yellow walls.
But I promise this is not as horrid as it looks!)

(3) Design and order our Christmas cards. I am finally able to face this task before cutting the turkey, because I can now acknowledge that it will make my life easier in December. (But I still don't like getting too Christmasy before Thanksgiving!)

(4) Go through our books and toys and come up with a donation pile. We need to clean out before Christmas (and a certain boy's 12/29 birthday!) and some of these perfectly good toys could make nice Christmas gifts for a needy family.

(5) Finalize our Christmas budget and our Christmas gift-giving list. I know! This list is getting all Christmasy so I need to switch gears . . . .

(6) Take a leaf-collecting walk with the children.

(7) Make hot apple cider.

(8) Let the kids do more leaf pile jumping.

(9) Try out a new "easy" way to polish my silver - something about aluminum foil, baking soda and boiling water. I tore it out of a magazine (Southern Living, I'm guessing) and put it in the cabinet with my (never-used-but-should-be) silver . . . I'm totally going to find that this weekend. Mom, I know you are so proud :)

(10) And I'm totally not going to participate in any Black Friday madness. I cannot deal with darkness, pushing, or long lines. Can you?

*Disclaimer: I "want" to do these things, but I may not get them all accomplished since I also want to eat, watch football, read magazines, and chill out with the fam.

What do you want to do this weekend?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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5 Responses to “If Only I'd Pinned It”

  1. What a great list!! I saw that tablecloth idea too - and am thinking about doing it :) 

    And yes, I will be up and out at 4am on Black Friday :)

  2. Fun list!  And I am so with you on Black Friday--no thanks!

  3. oh you can bang half that stuff out in a day let alone you have a whole week ahead of you.

  4. Saw your sweet hubby on my only outing for the day (taking the children to see the trains and ride the bus).  I don't have much of a list planned for this weekend other than relaxation.  Sometimes it is good when putting your feet up is required!  But my Christmas planning started a few weeks ago.....be on the lookout for an evite!

  5. Hi Beth, He said you looked great! Glad you have this long weekend to rest - been thinking of you!