One Bite At a Time

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I think I lucked out on the first eight projects in One Bite At a Time, because I was able to check a few off automatically:

~ Long ago, when I was miserable at my full time law job, my husband gave me the advice, "Eat the frog." I thought he was crazy, but I'm here to tell you, it works. Tsh reinforces the notion that doing the most awful thing first gets your day going, and most importantly, eliminates procrastination. "Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day." - Mark Twain. Word.

~ Hubby and I did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University last year, so we're on a debt-free plan. Good stuff, I tell ya. We took the class through our church and would highly recommend it.

~ I'm a morning person (don't hate!) so the morning routine is easy for me. I've learned to love getting up before the kids to have my quiet time. I read my Bible, study, pray, and get my "to do" list ready for the day. The biggest challenge is staying off the computer until all that is done.

~ I became a menu planner when we got serious about our grocery budget thanks to Dave. I was pretty surprised to read Tsh's suggestion to plan a month at a time - do you do that? It seems totally overwhelming to me. I just do a week at a time, and I do it on Sunday night when I'm looking at the week ahead - what nights will everyone be home, what nights need to be quick meals, etc. It really helps to have that mapped out.

(I don't cook without these!)

~ We wrote a family purpose statement when I read Organized Simplicity. I put it on the inside of a kitchen cabinet, thinking I would look at it every time I reach for a cup.

Wrong. I look right through it and forget it is there. Maybe I need to change its location? Still, I was glad to revisit it, and I like what it says. It fits us; I just need to consult it more often.

For the rest of the projects, I had to start from scratch:

~ I am sort of brain dead at night, so an evening routine is hard for me. Perhaps that means I need it even more! Thanks to Tsh's advice, I have gotten better about starting the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen, and prepping the coffee before bed. Where she really pushed me, though, was by suggesting a self-indulgent activity before bed like yoga or stretching. Oh, you mean I should do something for myself at the end of the day, too? Besides plopping on the couch in front of the tv or computer? Revolutionary!

~ I'm not gonna lie. I dread downsizing our book and magazine collection. About half of our books are in boxes in the attic, and those are probably the ones that need to go since I haven't seen them (or missed them) in four years. But, I'm not about to crawl through the nasty attic, and the books on our shelf will require consultation with Hubby before I remove them, so . . . Until then, I tackled the magazines:

As much as I love Garden & Gun, I've decided that the only magazines worth saving are the National Geographics. My parents had a huge collection on our basement shelves, and I consulted them often for school projects as a kid. I know there is this thing called "the internet" now, but call me crazy - I think our boys will enjoy looking at them one day.

~ I could do better at streamlining our mail. I recycle catalogues, I've opted out of junk mail, and our bills are paperless . . . But, I'm guilty of letting whatever else comes pile up on the counter. After a couple of days I'll have a major sorting party where I recycle most of it, but I need to get better about doing that immediately. A pile of mail (or whatever all this is!) on the kitchen counter is not soothing.

Are you taking it all One Bite At A Time? How is it going?
And seriously, do you meal plan for an entire month? How?

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P.S. A Halloween extra - want to get rid of all that candy? Maybe the Candy Fairy needs to come to your house. She comes to mine, and she leaves a nice present, in exchange for most of our candy. She'll fly right by if you don't leave enough . . . My boys are being pretty generous this year, so it looks like the Candy Fairy will be leaving something good. And when I say something good, I don't mean another truck or a Nerf gun. I mean something they've shown an interest in and won't pollute their brains. This year, that is a globe. I hope they like it!

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2 Responses to “One Bite At a Time”

  1. Now I'm all inspired to start eating frogs. :) Here's a link to a meal monthly planner idea I saw through a link party on Kojo Designs:

    I plan weekly mostly because I never know what I'm going to feel like eating from week to week...but I usually stick to general categories, e.g. meat, pasta, veggie, casserole, etc. It's definitely helped reduce food (and $$) waste!

  2. Wow, this sounds like a book I really need to read. I heard Tsh speak at Relevant last weekend -- she was awesome. Totally down-to-Earth -- and of course, she had great wisdom and insights.

    Love the idea of the Candy Fairy!!