A Ten Step Tree Plan

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Ten Step Plan for Dealing with Christmas Trees in November

(1) I pulled out of my neighborhood the other day and noticed that GDC (a fab decor store) has Christmas trees in the window.

(2) Of course they do. The pumpkin has not even rotted on my front step, and there are the trees.

(3) I used to protest the early arrival of Christmas by refusing to even think about it until after Thanksgiving. Ignoring the obvious worked fine when I only had to buy presents for my husband and my parents.

(4) Not so much anymore. I can't live in denial when I've got children and a large extended family to think about. But I'm stubborn, and I've paid the price. In recent years I've scrambled to find a Christmas card photo, and I've mailed cards out on Christmas Eve. I've forgotten to get gifts for people who get me one, and I haven't found the right place for certain Christmas decorations until New Years Day.

(5) Those things may all happen again, but this year (this year!) I'm acknowledging my need to think about Christmas in early November.

(6) I'm not planning to do more. I just want to do my usual stuff in more time so that it feels like less.

(7) Got it?

(8) As usual, I've been inspired by Simple Mom. Plan Your Peaceful Christmas: Task 1 tells us to work on the gift list. I usually do this in my head, and on various scraps of paper. It involves many arrows and much confusion about which child is getting what toy and my goodness have I spread it all out evenly? (What if I had more than 2 kids?!)

(9) This year, I'm using the free Christmas planning printables over at Life . . . Your Way. The Master To Do List and Gift Ideas Lists are incredibly helpful.

(10) I actually started filling them out last weekend. The trees in the GDC window are less annoying (dare I say, inspirational?) already.

How do you deal with Christmas trees in the store windows?

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4 Responses to “A Ten Step Tree Plan”

  1. Hah! I didn't even get to the pumpkins this year :)  It's hard to believe that Christmas trees are already on display. My girls love it - me?  I don't really mind them - but I wish the stores could hold off for a bit!

  2. I have a Christmas file folder and start brainstorming ideas for the kids/parents/nieces, etc., etc. when Fall hits.  In fact, I can tell you back to 2008 what the kids got from Santa and what we gave to all of our friends and family.  I always look out for a great deal that can be stashed in the closet for that "oops, I forgot" present.  Zulily and One Kings Lane have been my online places to get fantastic deals.  I'm going to try my hand at Target's price matching and get Toy Story Operation game for $1 - now that's a great deal!

  3. I ignore them til it's the right time forus - usually around the middle of december!

  4. Awesome idea - thanks, Anne Wimberly!