A Typical Day's List

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've been trying to get all creative and think of something special to say about gratitude today, but I need to be honest with myself - that isn't how I write. I can't force a blog post. I either get an idea that pretty much writes itself in my head before I can reach the keyboard, or I got nada.

Today, I got nada.

Except . . . well, I keep going back to the list. When I think of gratitude now, all I can think of is lists. My One Thousand Gifts list has shifted my perspective on several things, including gratitude. I thank God for many things throughout the day, that I never get to write down.

Right now, for example, I'm thinking about all the things I've been grateful for today. These things are not monumental or profound; they are just parts of my day. Parts that might have passed by unnoticed had I not been training my brain to think of it all as grace, all as a gift, as Ann says. If these things are enough for me to share with God, then maybe I can/should share them with you?

Maybe this is "enough" for a blog post after all. Here are just a few of the gifts I am grateful for, today:
  • Internet that (sometimes, not really) works.
  • The sound of Little Guy flopping around in his bed.
  • Hearty conversations with friends today, new and old.
  • Getting better at listening. Maybe.
  • A husband who shares thoughts and ideas with me.
  • The once a month cleaning service that came today. (Shout out to Maid Perfect - you rock.)
  • A good book, Sea Glassawaiting me on the nightstand.
  • Lots of holiday ideas floating around in my head.
  • Kind of figuring out a place to collect them.
  • Getting to watch Angel Notes choir practice this evening.
  • Dinner at church.
  • In a public bathroom today: "Guess what, Mommy? I pushed the loud flusher all by myself! And I wasn't even scared! I knew that God was with me." (quite joyful and completely serious)
  • Listening to part of The Messiah for the first time this season, this afternoon.
  • Big Guy saying, "You're right, Mom. This is pretty music."
  • The constant, "Will you play with me, Mommy?"
  • Enough perspective to regret saying,"In just a minute . . ." countless times and, finally, the push to drop what I'm doing and just say, "Yes."
  • Suddenly seeing ways to help people right here, instead of lamenting what I cannot do afar; feeling satisfied in that.
  • Misty fog, wet slides and play dates.
  • Human connections, and God in charge of it all.
What is on your gratitude list today?

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12 Responses to “A Typical Day's List”

  1. I'd say this is much more than "nada." :-) Quite a good list and one that provokes more gratitude in me too.
    For a toilet easily fixed, for my snuggie (yeah I love it; I'm not ashamed), for friends who check up on me even when nothing is wrong, ...

  2. ...For hot coffee and warmth on cold mornings and for unexpected blessings.

  3. sipping mine as I read this...lol. sending a hug.

  4. It's cool how nada turned into a great gratitude list. Today my heart's list holds gratitude for the first day of complete quiet...both bathroom vanities installed after 3 months...renovations coming along...still experiencing God's presence in the middle of the noise. 

    My last one for here...visiting you today.

  5. Thanks, Jeri - so glad you stopped by! 

  6. Yes, it is interesting how "nada" turned into something . . . when I just let go and wrote it. Always so happy to have you visit, Lisa.

  7. What an amazing list! Several items literally made me chuckle out loud and smile. I'm grateful for a house with walls to protect from the elements, the sounds of my toddler sleeping, and taking a deep breath. :-)

  8. you are such a gift. i love that you wrote in spite of having "nada." i love that you shared your list. thank you.

  9. This is definitely worthy of a post and makes me ponder things I'm thankful for...

    Foggy Play Dates
    Blessed conversations with new friends
    My son's silly laughter
    And I have to ditto Nikole below...unexpected blessings

    Thanks for sharing your list.

  10. Courtney, what a beautiful list. It made me run through my happy "potty" moments with my two year old CJ too! I love how even in learning to potty, your child praise God!  Made me smile to hear you share rather than thinking it's nada.  It's wonderful beautiful grace!

  11. I'm so glad you wrote the nada post because it was a beautiful post about how God touches your soul.  It made me smile and reminded me of my "potty" time gratitude moment with CJ who just got potty trained.  So special your little one thought of God there! Praise God!

  12. I'd say this is a very meaningful post. :)