More on Books: Chapters 17 and 18

Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome to Reap to Sow, where we are discussingThe Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd. Links for the series are posted below. Click to catch up, or jump right in.

I hope you enjoyed reading Chapters 17 and 18 this week. On Monday, we talked about what we can reap from those chapters. Today, we will talk about sowing - what actions from the Power Points can we apply in our lives to become more positive mothers?

Chapter 17 - Living by the Book
This chapter is all about finding opportunities to teach our children God's Word. In the "Do" Power Point, Karol suggests buying a children's devotional book that fits the needs of your family. We use Devotions for Preschoolersand I've mentioned our happiness with it many times here before. What works for us is to read it to the boys at the breakfast table. It sets a great tone for the day, and if we ever miss a day, they are quick to make us go back and read the skipped passages.

Karol also suggests memorizing Scripture together. We do this seasonally, picking a verse together and then writing it on our kitchen chalkboard. Our children cannot read yet, but they know it is there and having it so visible reminds Hubby and I to talk about it frequently with them - most often around the kitchen table. I wrote about our current verse here. We will probably start a new one in January.

As always, there is room for improvement here. We have a big, beautiful family Bible, with outlines for reading with your children, which we've never used. I keep thinking I will do this when they are older, but I could honestly start it now. Both boys have versions of this Bible,

which we used to read faithfully but have fallen off the wagon. These are things I hope to improve upon in 2012. I think the main idea is to be deliberate about teaching our children Biblical truths, and this can only happen when we are familiar with the Bible ourselves. So, an important point is to keep up my own personal Bible study and then continue to think about ways to incorporate that into our family life.

Chapter 18 - Legacies in Literature
I am focusing on the "Choose" Power Point here: I will inspire my kids with great literature and historical stories. My husband and I are both book collectors, so having books around is not a problem for us. But I realized, after reading this chapter, that I could do more to make them accessible to our children. Both boys have books in their rooms, and we have a bookcase overflowing with children's books in our family room - but too often those books blend into the background. They are walked past, reached over, or ignored.

Around Halloween, I decided to start pulling seasonal books out of these forgotten areas and I put them in a basket by our fireplace. I supplement our books with selections from the library, so that we had a Halloween/Fall basket, then a Thanksgiving/Fall basket, and now a Christmas basket.

Having the books out like this makes us read them more. Even better, the fireplace is in our more formal/less used living room. That makes it a distraction-free zone, perfect for reading. Now that the Christmas tree is in there, it is the perfect spot for snuggling up with some good books.

As Big Guy is getting closer and closer to reading on his own, I am now motivated to be even more selective and thoughtful about the literature we bring into our home. Yes, all he wants to look at (currently) are toy catalogues and super hero books, but I am responsible for feeding him more.

How do you bring the Bible and other books into your children's lives? What Power Points did you choose to sow this week?

If you've written a blog post on these chapters, please link it up in the comments below. And please, blogger or not, feel free to discuss any of the Power Points in the comments.

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2 Responses to “More on Books: Chapters 17 and 18”

  1. I am a day late but wanted to let you know that the chapter on the classics inspired me to buy Jack the first book of the "Little House" series this weekend!!  I hope he loves those stories as much as I did growing up!!!

  2. Jayda - This is awesome! I can't wait to hear how he likes it. Can't believe he is already old enough for those books, but I know he is - and that this is just around the corner for us. Very cool.