A Week for Positive Motherhood

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ever had a week where:

Mystery rocks got in the washing machine and stained your husband's three new shirts?

(Not really a mystery. Small boys who "collect" things live in this house.)

You backed into your own mailbox?

You discovered, a day later, why your son was so apologetic about the toy the went sailing across the room?

And, the children apparently decided to tag team who would wet the bed each night?

I have. We all have. Take comfort, my friend. The weekend is here, and Andrea has closed out this rockin' week with The Power of a Positive Mom for us. Click here to read her final post.

I, for one, can honestly say that I dealt with all of the above better than I would have before I read the book. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

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4 Responses to “A Week for Positive Motherhood”

  1. YES!! It has been one of those weeks! Oh how He blesses us!

  2. Sounds like it's been a rough week. Oh, the surprises of parenthood.

    But here's something to maybe bring a bright spot...
    I wanted to pass along something that was given to me...the Liebster blog award. It is typically given to dear, favorite, or beloved small blogs (ones with <200 readers) as a way to recognize and encourage one another. And it's been such a joy to read your posts and work with you on Reap to Sow.

    The rules for the award if you wish to pass it on are this: Thank the blogger that nominated you by linking back to them; share your top 5 choices for the award and leave a comment on each blog; and post the award on your blog. No worries if you'd rather not post it - only do so if it seems right to you.

  3. So glad to know I'm not the only one - thanks for stopping by! And yes, thank the Lord for his blessings. 

  4. Wow, Andrea - thank you!! I am honored. You just made my weekend :)