Why, Thank You!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Andrea gave me a lovely gift yesterday, a Liebster Blog award.

Liebster is the German word for love, and this award is typically given to a dear, favorite, or beloved small blog (one with less than 200 readers) as a way to recognize and encourage one another. I am so honored that Andrea chose me, because she has encouraged me since she emailed me many months ago with her idea for Reap to Sow. I feel like I have just been along for the ride with her, learning how to better embrace God's love for us and pass that on to our children through the model of The Power of a Positive Mom.

So, Andrea, thank you for this humbling nod in my direction, and for being my friend. New friendships are the best part of this whole blogging adventure!

Which leads me to the fun part - I get to pass the award on to five others. It is hard to pick just five, and it is hard not to give this award to all of my "real life" friends with "mommy blogs." They are the ones who inspired me to blog in the first place. I didn't even know what a blog was until I started reading my friend, Ashley's! My "mommy blog" is private now, but I want all those personal friends to know that they inspire me with their Christmas pageant pictures and confessions of how life doesn't always go as planned. Their blogs are not intended for unfamiliar eyes, so I'm not going to feature them here, but girls, you know who you are!

Now, on to the point! Thankfully, I read many blogs that are for public consumption, and these five are special:

The Pearl - Megan is a boy mom with a beautiful soul. She writes and thinks deeply. I always feel honored when she takes the time to comment here. She has become a blogging friend.

Lisa Notes - I don't know if Lisa really qualifies as "small" but she definitely qualifies as an inspiration. Just check out her recent post on Stack the Stones - 12 Spiritual Markers. It's made me reflect on my year in a different way, trying to identify the points where God was clearly working. She is good like that.

The Middle - Diedra is one of those bloggers I keep bumping into in certain link ups, and she always writes something that wows me. I'm not the best about actually commenting, so she may not know that, but Diedra, it is true. Especially your most recent post, Special.

Momma Says - Marlece is another boy mom who cracks me up. Better yet, she has wisdom to share. You sort of feel like you just had coffee with her when you visit her place, and I like that.

Healthy Spirituality - I also don't know if Jean really qualifies as a "small" blogger, but I had to include her on this list. I was first drawn to her title, and then came to learn that she is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. I always enjoy her writing.

So, please go end your weekend on a great note - or start the week off right - by checking out one of these beloved blogs.

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6 Responses to “Why, Thank You!”

  1. ahhhh, you are so sweet to give my blog the recognition and award.  German for love. That brings back a wonderful memory for me.  My dad would sign all of his notes to my mom  -  ILD - German for I love you.  Liebster would be a similar word.

    You have brighten my day!  thank you.

  2. Thanks, Courtney! I feel very honored that you would choose my blog. I often feel like I'm writing just between me and God (which is enough in itself!), so it's good to be reminded that others are reading so I will stay more accountable. :-)

  3. Jean - What a neat memory of your dad. So glad to be able to pass this on to you!

  4. Lisa - I often feel the same way. I think that if we write with the "audience of one" in mind, the words are always better. Thank you for what you do.

  5. Ever grateful that God had me read your post on (in)courage - it's been a joy to read this blog and become a friend. :)

  6. Me too, Andrea. So grateful for your friendship. Merry Christmas!