Get Organized: The Calendar

Monday, January 23, 2012

January calls us to start fresh and get organized. I've got quite a few areas to work on, but over the last couple years, I've made some changes that have worked. I'd like to share those with you this week.

First up, the calendar. Hubby and I keep a shared calendar on our computers, but I still like to glance at something doesn't require me to open a program, click, and scroll. I've seen many beautiful versions of printable weekly calendars:

  • Ann Voskamp has a gorgeous and inspirational one at her blog, A Holy Experience - click here.
  • This Weekly Overview sheet from Life . . . Your Way is clean and simple - click here.
  • I really like this linear page from's Frugal Living section - click here.
  • These colorful printables from iHeart Organizing are adorable - click here.

But the thing that works for me? A familiar, reliable legal pad.

This is what my week at a glance looks like:

This "calendar" sits in a special spot on my kitchen counter. Every Sunday night, I look at our shared online calendar, and I write down the main events (as I see them) for the upcoming week. I don't transpose everything, just what makes sense to me.

I always confine the week to one page. This page is where I jot down any extra bits that don't need to go onto our shared calendar, like "do laundry" or "buy plants" or "register for t-ball". This page is my safe spot, where I know if I write something down, it won't get lost of forgotten. If something doesn't get crossed off by Sunday night, then I move it to the next page for the next week.

Once I have the week mapped out like this, I ask Hubby to pull out his calendar, and we discuss the week ahead. We make sure we are in sync, and that all childcare issues are covered. I don't know that he particularly likes these "meetings," so I try to keep them brief - but they are essential to my sanity.

My "at a glance" weekly calendar is not pretty, but after trial and error with many different methods, this is what works for me.

What kind of calendar system do you use?

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2 Responses to “Get Organized: The Calendar”

  1. Thanks for the links!  I have a family notebook with many of the Organized Simplicity ideas.  But I need an overhall.  You should see our crazy list! Jimmy and I try to have a meeting on Sunday to review our calendars for work, childcare and family meals.  Needless to say, we have to do it in pencil!

  2. Ha! Yes, pencil is always a good idea. Love knowing that you have Sunday night meetings, too :)