Get Organized: Confession Area

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thank you for indulging me this week, as I have shared some areas that I consider my strong points for organization. These are systems that I've had in place for a few years, so they have been tested and they work for me:

But, the truth is, I've got more to work on. I have so many confession areas, it was hard to choose just one. I could talk about my battle with photos (I've done that before), or our utility closet, or the overflowing bookshelves. But the absolute thorn in my side is my desk. Behold, the disaster:

This area serves as my home office, our household filing cabinet, and a (mini) satellite office for my husband's law firm. It suffers from a lack of proper shelving due to a we-rent-why-invest mentality. It is a testament to my inability to put away legal books that I haven't used in years but leave out "just in case." I need the printer, but I hate its size. I use the shredder, but not often enough. I kick the cords out of the way, sometimes. I empty the trash, rarely.

I really need to hang up my clothes.

And I don't know why, but the boys have an insatiable desire to leave things (like that medal, or legos, or cars) in or around it.

This desk looks at my Mom Notebook, and laughs. But guess what? It doesn't bother me one bit. I mean, yes, I'd like to have it look like this,

(source: freshome)

but we are in a transitional phase right now, and this desk does what I need it to do. It helps me pay bills, file things (believe it or not), plan Sunday School lessons, do work for my husband, and write. It also holds my socks, and some old jewelry. It is multi-purpose. It is a mess. It is real life.

It is my reminder that no matter how much storage space, time or resources I hope to have "one day," real life is now, and messy can be good.

What is your confession area?

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One Response to “Get Organized: Confession Area”

  1. My confession area is my room, specifically my dresser. Our filing system is in my closet too so everything that needs filed goes on my dresser until I " get around to it". If there are things on my kitchen counter that I want cleared for a time I'll put them on my bed or on my dresser. I don't like it being in my room but since my brother and sister-in-law live with us I don't have an office/desk place.