The Little Things

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I thought of this post while napping with my three year old.

The holidays are full of so many BIG To Do List items: decorate tree, buy presents, wrap presents, keep track of who is getting what present, cook ridiculous amounts of food, socialize nonstop, remember the Reason for the Season, breathe, take tree down, clean the house again, find places for all the toys underfoot . . . it goes on and on and on. But here is what really matters:

Top Ten *Little* Things I'm Glad I Did Over Christmas Break

(1) Napped with my three year old.

(2) Washed dishes with my mom.

(3) Sat and talked with my dad.

(4) Ate as much cheese ball as I wanted.

(5) Played Trivial Pursuit with The Fam.

(6) Invited all the in-laws to watch Big Guy in the Christmas Eve pageant, and then asked Hubby to save two rows for them :)

(7) Listened to an obnoxious amount of Christmas music.

(8) Sat by the tree with Hubby, almost every night and every morning.

(9) Allowed, and enjoyed, some "pajama days".

(10) Took an exercise class for the first time since September. Hello, New Year's Resolution!! And, yes, I'm still sore.

What are some little things you did?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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6 Responses to “The Little Things”

  1. Love this! Hmm...little things. I enjoyed our little meal of appetizers on Christmas Eve. I loved having my boys with me during the whole service at Christmas Eve and on Christmas day (verses them going to children's church like usual). I liked the amount of time we had just to spend at home. And I loved that we worked our traveling out to mean that our kids took naps when we arrived at our destination so hubby and I could rest and visit with family.

  2. There is something wonderful about working in the kitchen with other women. I miss that, having grown up with my grandmother:). I love lazy holiday days! Hoping for a slew of snow days for a few impromptu Holidays without the work:)

  3. I enjoyed making gingerbread cookies with the kids.

    I loved watching my kids turn the tree lights on at looks pretty every time.

    We drove the long way around our neighborhood on the way home at night just to see all of the lights.

  4. Ahhh - we did those things too! I let my boys take turns turning on the tree lights and it became a highlight of their day, and mine too. 

  5. I completely agree - working in the kitchen with other women can inspire the best conversations. I'll keep my fingers crossed for snow for you. We don't (usually!) get that here!

  6. Genius idea with the travel! We will have to try that sometime. We traveled on Christmas Day for the first time ever this year and that worked well for us. We were able to spend the morning at our house, then get in the car around lunchtime and drive all afternoon. We got to our destination in time for dinner and bed. Worked well!