The Boys Will Come Running

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My boys, ages 3 and 5, act like they don't hear half of what I say. I'm convinced that they live in LaLa Land and do NOT hear me 40% of the time, and that they plain ignore me the other 10% of the time. Maybe an extra 20%.

I pray for patience, I repeat (times infinity), and on bad days I yell. On good days, I tap gently on a shoulder and I get down to their level. I take a lot of deep breaths. But sometimes, I need a phrase that will bring little people towards me, ready to spring into action. Here are my (not to be abused!) . . .

Top Ten Phrases That Will Bring My Boys Running

(1) I need some strong muscles in here!

(2) Ewwww!!!

(3) Who wants to get the mail out of the mailbox for me?

(4) If you want to watch cartoons . . .

(5) Ouch!!

(6) I'm going to vacuum in 2 minutes!

(7) Who wants to lick the bowl?

(8) I hear the digger and dump truck coming!

(9) Who wants a popsicle?

(10) Mommy wants to play outside!

Because, you know, I shouldn't manipulate them 24/7. Sometimes I call them just to play, and those are good days.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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5 Responses to “The Boys Will Come Running”

  1. These are great - especially numbers 2 & 5! I've learned too, that anything fun gets an immediate response - food calls, big time. Sometimes I do a sound check - if I suspect one of my gang can hear me, but are studiously pretending they can't, I'll whisper something, or if another adult is present, use their name in conversation - it's amazing how hearing improves in these situations. :) 

  2. Number 2!!! I wish I'd known about that one.

    My favorite, when my son was young: "I bet you can't run around the house ten times!" Never failed.

  3. Oh my goodness - that is genius. I'm using that today! Thanks, Deidra :)

  4. Great idea, Andrea. It is amazing what they can hear when they get curious. I'm going to try whispering today, too.