Fess Up Friday

Friday, February 10, 2012

My New Year's resolution is to exercise three times a week. I need accountability to make that happen, so I created Fess Up Friday. On the second Friday of the month, I will tell you how I'm doing on my exercise goals, and you can share how you are doing on your goals. Encouragement and accountability - and hopefully, success - will abound! Join us?

Here goes:

Week of January 15th
Sunday - Long walk by myself, and then with the kids, pulling them in a wagon. That's an 85 + lb wagon, y'all. I was sore.

Tuesday - Pure Barre class. Ouch. I love the combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet, but seriously . . . muscle shaking ouch.

Went to a law conference Thursday night - Saturday afternoon. Brought work out clothes. Never worked out. Blurg!

Confession: Two does not equal three.

Week of January 22nd
Monday - 30 minute jazz class on TV, thanks to my cable company's "On Demand" section. The boys were in their rooms for Quiet Time. Within 15 minutes, Little Guy came in:

"Are you exercising, Mommy?"
"Yes, Honey."

"I like your exercise."
"Thanks. Can you go back to your room please?"

"Is dat lady in de pink shirt da teacher?"
"Yes. Honey . . "

"Are does odder ladies da teachers too?"
"No, they are exercising too. Well, they are kind of teachers. Look, you need to go back to your room. (pant, pant)"

"Are dey Mommies?"
"I don't know. Go back to your room."

"I like your exercise."

"I like your teachers."

"I like your exercise."

"I juss gonna stand wight here, Mommy."

"I like your exercise."

I felt a smidge self-conscious with him watching my jazz dance unfold, but this is my child who can bust a pretty decent move at age 3, and he was admiring my turns. Despite the distraction, it was kind of nice to have an appreciative audience!

Tuesday - Pure Barre class. Ouch, again. But in a good way. I'm getting dedicated about keeping this one class as sacred space in my week.

Thursday - 75 and sunny. Walked to Tuesday Morning and bought a birthday gift for a classmate's party. Was sweating and breathless by the time I got back. Felt super productive!

Saturday - In an attempt to make up for slacking off last weekend, I took a vigorous walk on the beach with friends at a women's retreat. Seriously, hard to talk - vigorous. Awesome. But, I realized that my two year old tennis shoes are ready for Goodwill after that.

Confession: Four times!

Week of January 29th
Tuesday - Pure Barre class. I really enjoy this, and feel committed to it. I actually said no to other things that came up during this precious free time (when both boys are at preschool) so that I could stick to my guns and go to this class. That is progress for me! I'm not sure I would have been so faithful if I didn't have to come back here and write it down. Accountability is working! (Thank you!!)

Also, I went to The Foot Store and bought new shoes after the class - highly recommend The Foot Store. I can't remember the last time I was actually measured and fitted for athletic shoes. And that was definitely the first time I was invited to go outside and walk in shoes in order to make sure I like them.

Wednesday - Yoga on TV. This time I chose a 30 minute stress reducing class and it was lovely. Just what I needed to deeply stretch all the sore muscles from Tuesday. Little Guy was my faithful companion:

I followed up with sit ups and push ups, to make it "count" just a bit more.

Friday - Bollywood dance workout on TV. Uhm, yeah. Hilarious. I felt a bit foolish, but it was fun and a great cardio workout. I definitely need more cardio.

Confession: Three!

Week of February 5th
Monday - That Bollywood workout was more than I bargained for! I woke up on Saturday with super tight calves, which only got worse when I had to wear heels on Saturday night. By Sunday, I was rubbing Bengay on my poor legs and wearing flats. I woke up on Monday with a sore throat and general achiness, so I did a 30 minute "breathe and stretch" pilates class on TV. That left me so relaxed, that I nearly fell asleep on the floor. I switched over to an 8 minute cardio dance class to wake up, and felt pretty good after that.

Tuesday - Woke up feeling like a truck hit me. Achy body, stuffy head, sore throat. Considered pushing through, but then workers showed up a day early (who does that?), so no Pure Barre class for me. No rest either . . . buzz saw on the roof.

Wednesday - Felt better (not great), but it was a beautiful day and Fess Up Friday was looming! So I tempted fate and put Little Guy in a stroller to walk the bridge.

(pant! pant! pant!)

He didn't fuss about getting down until we were at the top, and thankfully there were some distractions.

(The guy on the bridge of the ship waved at us!)

Plus, I promised that he could play on the playground when we were done. Win-win.

Confession: Two times as of Thursday night, but we've got two days left in the week! I'm going to aim for one more work out somewhere.

What are you working on this year? How is it going? Fess Up.

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2 Responses to “Fess Up Friday”

  1. I probably need to make mine more defined so I can give a better account but I would say I did better with limiting my computer time the first two weeks then I did the last two. I have found I have less interest in spending very long on the computer at any one time though. But I am going to think about how to make it more defined and I will keep a better record. Sounds like you did great overall! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Megan - Thank you for sharing. Your comment before made me much more aware of how much screen time I "enjoy" in front of my kids. I'm trying to do better about keeping my focus on them and not the countless distractions here. I have this fear that one day at school they will have a project that says, "My Mommy loves _____" and they will say, "The computer!"