Getting to the Bookcase

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I do not have the shopping gene. I get frustrated easily and I lack patience. My most recent example has been my search for a bookcase. I need something to replace this disaster in the home office corner of our bedroom:

After hours of online browsing, and an afternoon spent going in and out of a dozen local stores, I was out of steam. Thankfully, my designer friend, Ginger, pointed me towards Wayfair, and I found just what I wanted. It arrived on Monday, and if the incredibly heavy and large box is any indication, the assembly job will not be for me and Hubby. I'm working on hired help, but I have a feeling we will be stepping over the incredibly heavy and large box for some time.

Meanwhile, I need to get our home office corner ready for organization, and it occurred to me that I should remove the non-office stuff. (ding! ding! ding! ding! - brilliant, right?) I mentioned before that one of my desk drawers contains my socks. Another holds jewelry I felt compelled to store in its original boxes. Ridiculous.

So, on a cold day a couple of weeks ago, when the rest of my family was otherwise occupied, I holed up in our bedroom and attacked this:

My "undergarments" dresser . . . plenty of room in there for socks, wouldn't you think?

Holy moly. The atrocities that it contained should not be mentioned in a public forum, so let me just summarize: snagged tights, pantyhose, slips and pre-Spanx body shapers. AKKK! I'm pretty sure my mom insisted on buying me the slips when I left for college and (sorry, Mom) I never wore them. The pantyhose dated back to my law firm interviewing days and good gracious the body shapers were hideous. I honestly did not know I had 85% of what was in there.

I threw most of it away, and created a Goodwill pile for the never-worn/still-packaged bits. (I have no idea if they want that sort of thing, but I couldn't just throw it away.) I kept one pair of "Travel Buff" pantyhose for old time's sake, and the two pairs of tights I can actually remember purchasing. I found a camisole/tank top thingy I've been looking for, and I definitely found room for socks. I happily threw out ill-fitting bras and underwear I bought for my last pregnancy FOUR years ago. I'll spare you any pictures.

This pleasing purge lead me to the long-neglected area on top of this dresser: my jewelry box.

I've been cramming pieces in there for years, but only wearing the same two or three things over and over again. Again, I wasn't even sure what was in there - past time to clean it out. I removed everything I have not worn since my children were born. That included a rhinestone necklace (with missing rhinestones) that I wore to my high school winter dance and screamed small-town-1993-winter-dance. Also, these babies:

I'm pretty sure I bought those for a 4th of July outfit not long after I got my ears pierced at the age of 14. Oy.

Those gems (get it?) and many others went into a gallon size donation bag, while my worth-keeping jewelry finally moved into the "big" jewelry box. I found five pairs of silver earrings in dire need of polishing, and I was able to completely revive four of them. The fifth pair may not have been real silver, and since I always thought they were too heavy, they went into the donation bag. My silver polishing also resurrected several Grainger McKoy pieces that Hubby gave me. It's like I've been shopping!

Now, my jewelry box looks neat and it is full of nice, wearable jewelry. It sits on top of an organized and no-longer-shameful ladies-only dresser. The entire area makes me happy now.

So, how does this get me back to books?

Well now, I've got two desk drawers available for desk-apporpriate things like computer cords and chargers, which were previously stored on the bookcase. That means less "junk" on the shelves and more room for books on the soon-to-be-put-together bookcase.

Lesson: Sometimes you've got to comb through dusty undies and circa 1992 Claire's finest to get to a zen place with your books.

And after all that, hopefully I'll have a new bookcase to show you in a few weeks.

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12 Responses to “Getting to the Bookcase”

  1. Looks good! Isn't it amazing what we can stuff into nooks and crannies because we just can't part with it, only to forget that we have it at all until so many years have passed that when we find it again, we laugh that we every worried about throwing it out in the first place?! So freeing. Looks like you are well on your way - keep up the good work!

  2. This post made me laugh  . . . albeit, nervous laughter, but laughter all the same. "Sometimes you've got to comb through dusty undies and circa 1992 Claire's finest to get to a zen place . . . " So true! And I should probably get at it . . . 

  3. Don't we all have little pieces of nostalgia hidden in our jewelry boxes?  I think I still have a pair of Hello Kitty earrings from when I was 6.  Of course, confirming that would require my own jewelry box clean out, and I'm not sure I am ready for that yet.  I'm glad you were.  Nice work!

  4. That top photo captures most people's reality  AND it made me laugh out loud.  Something about that sweet baby peeking over the top of stuff and sitting (safely) next to the fire extinguisher.  I laugh because I understand!

  5. Well done! Clearing things out really is a this before that kind of enterprise. Sometimes that can be paralysing--but no, you go and clean out to whole things! Looking forard to the shelves.

  6. I agree with Carrie, if I can't part with something, I'll put it somewhere random only to find it years later with no attachment to it at all. Funny what time can do. I do the same thing with food, by the way. If I don't want to eat it, but feel guilty about buying it, I'll put it back in the fridge until it's gone bad and I have no choice but to throw it out! ;)

    Great job on the jewelry box and unmentionables drawer! Can't wait to see your bookcase all up and filled with books!

  7. I am putting off doing my own drawer of "unmentionables ..because I KNOW what's in there, and ugh. Just don't wanna deal with it!   Looking forward to seeing the new bookcase!

  8. Nice work! I had to clean out all that stuff when we moved, and I ended up with all my clothes fitting in one suitcase. It is nice to know I don't have ancient tights hanging out in the back corner of the dresser... And, I love that I am not alone in keeping non-office items in the office. Sometimes it is a funny chain reaction we have to start, to get to the end result we want. Thanks for posting!

  9. Isn't that funny what you do with food? I tend to think, "Well, maybe I'll use it, somehow . . . " and then it goes bad.

  10. I'm so glad you got a chuckle out of it! I've been working on that area all weekend, and i still have no idea what to do with the baby picture . . .