Sneaky Smoothie

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You start with the traditional frozen fruit:

Then you add vanilla yogurt and the first sneak attack, baby spinach:

Blueberries come next, and then some yummy baby carrots:

A dash of milk, whatever other fruit you have on hand, and we are ready to blend:


Wait! One more sneak attack:


Make sure it gets nice and smooth.

I promise they will love it!

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7 Responses to “Sneaky Smoothie”

  1. Love this smoothie idea Courtney. I've never thought of adding spinach and carrots to a smoothie. I'll give it a try with the kids this week. Jess

  2. Thanks, Jess. You would be proud - most of the ingredients are organic, too :)

  3. To save time, I have started freezing yogurt, coconut water or milk, and flaxseed oil in ice cube trays and then popping them in the freeze.  After frozen, I put them in freezer bags with some frozen fruit.  It has saved me so much time, I then add spinach, carrots and juice.  Healthy! I would never have believed you couldn't taste the spinach!
    I will try the oatmeal next, thanks!

  4. I love your sneak attacks and smoothie! Yum. So nice to find you, Courtney! I love your blog. I grabbed you button and liked your page on FB- I am paranoid about losing GFC so am trying to stay connected EXTRA ways when I visit a place I like! In His Grace, Dawn

  5. Thanks, Dawn! Appreciate you liking my FB page and am so glad you like my blog. Welcome!

  6. That looks amazing - oatmeal and all! So glad I found you through Amy Sullivan. Thanks so much for leaving a comment today - your encouragement means so much!

    xo michele