When All Else Fails, Interview!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

They are talking about sex over at Newby Mom this month. I thought I might get a free pass, writing the Faith column and all.

Not so much.

(Insert red face and panic.) NotwhatIsignedupfor, NotwhatIsignedupfor, NotwhatIsignedupfor!

I went back and forth, considering topics, striking topics, cruising faith-based websites and wondering what in the world will I say? Then, genius struck: Interview!

I now owe many big favors to my friend, Brooke. Click here to read our conversation about marriage, faith and sex, and (by the way) Happy Groundhog Day.

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(The last one! So sad but Emily will still be around and I'm praying for her on her journey. . . she is a jewel.)


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5 Responses to “When All Else Fails, Interview!”

  1. Can't wait to hop over and read. It's funny how we shy away for talking about that three letter word. I wrote a post a few years ago and reposted it recently - the comments alone crack me up. Of course, it was all my embarrassment then that makes for good humor now.  


  2. Oh, I'm so glad you linked up that post. It is hilarious!! 

  3. happy groundhog day friend! bless you!

  4. You are much braver than I am!  I would love to have you join us at Painting Prose a new meme...

  5. KD - I will! Thanks for the invite :) So glad you are carrying the torch for Emily.