Dry Shampoo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Okay, clearly we need a tutorial. This is dry shampoo:

At least, that is the one I use. There are many other options out there at various price points:

(I'm sorry - what the?! $95???)

Dry shampoo is a glorified version of the baby powder trick, which you may or may not have heard of. (Baby powder trick: If your hair is a bit oily, put some baby powder on the roots and comb it through. Tricky if you've got dark hair, but doable.)

Dry shampoo absorbs oil. You spray it on the roots of your hair and then "style as usual." The idea is that you can skip a shampoo (or two) by revitalizing your kinda-greasy hair. My hair is on the oily end of the spectrum, so I cannot get away with day after day of dry shampoo. (Though I know people who do!) For me, it just works to perk up my hair when I've washed it the night before. I have yet to find a product that will allow me to comfortably go more than 36 hours without a shampoo.

So, now, what about you? Do you dry shampoo? (I love saying that.)

There's a poll right over there, just waiting for your vote! ------>

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6 Responses to “Dry Shampoo”

  1. I didn't answer the poll because I know what it is but I have never used it. I only wash shampoo my hair every other day (I still get it wet every day) and this keeps my hair from being oily. Fun post!

  2. Great point, Megan! I should have made a simple "No" as an answer option. Can't change it now, since people have voted, so I'm glad you chimed in here in the comments. It is fun to do a "light topic" post sometimes :)

  3. $95.00 good grief, I don't even think so. Even if I was Rapunzel. If anyone is planning on buying that, call me and I'll wash your hair, lol. I answered what was that, but I knew what it was. My experience has been with hospitalized people using it.

  4. I can't use baby powder - at least not without looking like I'm going gray!!
    I just received a sample of the suave and will be trying it out on a 28 hours plane ride : http://bit.ly/zwg6ob

  5. Not yet, but I want to try it! 

  6. First, you crack me up. But second, I never thought about it for someone in the hospital - it would be a great gift! Going to have to remember that. Thanks.