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Friday, March 9, 2012

My New Year's resolution is to exercise three times a week. I need accountability to make that happen, so I created Fess Up Friday. On the second Friday of the month, I will tell you how I'm doing on my exercise goals, and you can share how you are doing on your goals. Encouragement and accountability - and hopefully, success - will abound! Join me?

Week of February 12th
It took a while to recover from last week's cold, but finally I got motivated and . . .

Tuesday - Pure Barre class.
Wednesday - Walked the bridge with Little Guy in tow.
Saturday - Walked/ran (with emphasis on walked) about 2 and 1/2 miles around the neighborhood. On the way, I downloaded Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin' and had a full-on dance party with the whole family when I got home. (I don't care what people say, I luv that song!) We jumped and danced until we were all out of breath. One day, the boys will think I'm crazy, but for now they indulge me :)

Fess Up: Three times!

Week of February 19th
Tuesday - Pure Barre class.
Wednesday - Walked with a friend, both of us pushing strollers. Little Guy is getting compliant and patient with the stroller again. That, and these mild winter days, are making walks a realistic work out.
Saturday - 30 minutes of yoga on TV in an attempt to release the knot in my left shoulder. Kinda worked . . . not really.

Fess Up: Three times-ish. Saturday's workout wasn't worth much.

Week of February 26th
Monday - Jazz class on TV. I remembered the choreography and that made me feel like a competent dancer again, but dancing alone is not super fun.
Tuesday - Pure Barre class. I felt old, pudgy and stiff. I blame Girl Scout cookies.


Wednesday - This was the busiest day of a busy week for me, but it was also sunny and 72 degrees, so there was no excuse not to walk the bridge! I pushed my 50lb sled (Little Guy in a big stroller) up and down the hill. Great work out.

Fess Up: Three (solid) workouts.

Week of March 4th
Monday - Two mile walk/run around the neighborhood with my faithful 3 year old companion. He got out of the stroller and raced me at the end. Love that kid. The fact that I am running, even a little teeny, tiny bit, is huge.
Tuesday - back at Pure Barre. It was crowded, but that gave me some good energy. Also, a week without Girl Scout cookies helped.
Wednesday - Instead of walking, Little Guy and I raked a ton of leaves and filled 5 bags. I also thoroughly cleaned both boys' bedrooms and purged many toys. 5 bags of toys/books/clothes ready for Goodwill. I was exhausted by the end of the day, and my sore back and shoulders on Thursday indicated that I can (and will) count those things as exercise.

Fess Up: Made it to three times - hooray!

Often, it is a struggle for me to find time to exercise three times a week. I am left wondering how people do it five times a week, or even every day. I know the answer - they make time. There are plenty of things I do every day: read, blog, check Facebook, answer emails, talk on the phone, etc. Most of these "free time" activities I sneak in here or there. I might write a blog post in 20 minutes or check Facebook from my phone in the carpool line. It is harder to sneak in exercise . . . or is it? I could do sit ups or push ups at night in front of the TV, or pick up those weights in the corner when I'm on the phone.

Maybe I will.

The "sneaky workouts" can't take the place of something that breaks a sweat, but they could help me get that much closer to physical fitness. See, I'm not trying to lose weight; I just want to take care of my body and be healthy. Maybe a sneak attack is in order. . .

Do you exercise 5-7 times a week? How do you do it?

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