Ten Most Used Apps

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It is no secret. I'm in love with my iPhone. I wonder how I once survived with out it.

That is sad. But true! Besides talking, texting, and responding to email, these are my favorite apps:

(1) I have to start with the built-in camera and video app, because it simply rocks. The quality is amazing. I don't use my point and shoot nearly as much anymore. Here is a recent photo I grabbed of my kids and their cousins at the dog park:

Not that it is exceptionally artistic or well-composed; but still - pretty good for a phone. And, I love that you can see my shadow holding up the phone at the very bottom :)

(2) Pinterest - free
I've used it to find St. Patrick's Day craft ideas in the carpool line, or just to "window shop" and better determine my own style. Here is a favorite pin that I grabbed via the app.

Totally worth that, and more, considering how it mesmerized my kids (3 and 5) the last time we had to wait for an oil change. The concept of the game is that they practice writing with their finger. Brilliant.

I love this one. It allows me to capture gifts when we are out and about. I've snapped pictures of my kids swinging or just the wind blowing a tree, so that I can remember to write them down later at home. My list is at 1100 + now!

(5) Facebook - free
What can I say? I like to socialize. This app has some annoying quirks, but it does allow me to check in when I've got a few minutes to kill - or waste.

(6) Shazam - free
One of the coolest things, ever. If you don't know a song, you simply click "Shazam" and then hold your phone up to the music. It "reads" the music and then directs you to the artist. Then, you can go straight to iTunes and download the song. I did that recently with this:

(Click here if reading on email)

Seriously, try not to get up and dance around, or at least bob you head, to that one!

(7) Holy Bible - free
I use this simply to look up a verse when I don't have my Bible handy, but you can use it for SO much more. It has any version of the Bible that you prefer, and many types of reading plans. This could be your morning devotional!

(8) Weather Bug - free
The Midwesterner in me loves this. Many years ago, my best friend teased me about how I could not go to bed at night without checking the weather. It is true. Like any good farmer's daughter (or rather, one who grew up around farmers), I must know the weather. I prefer the format on this app over the Weather Channel's app.

(9) Chick-fil-A - free
Do your kids like Chick-fil-A? Do you travel? Now you can find the closest "Chicken Lay" when you are on I-95 and the kids start saying, "I'm hungry and I gotta go potty!" Priceless.

(10) Pandora - free
I'm not a music groupie. I don't know what is cool, and sometimes, yes, I confess - I've discovered new artists from GMA's Summer Concert Series. That was actually a low point for me. I'm trying to be more current. Pandora is helping.

What are your favorite apps?

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5 Responses to “Ten Most Used Apps”

  1. Sweet!  Thanks for sharing!

  2. I also love Twitter and love my YouVersion bible app as well as my mobile banking app. I have no idea what I did before my phone. hahahaha

  3. oh yes - mobile banking! How could I forget that one. I just deposited a check by taking a picture of it for the first time the other day - crazy.

  4. I love all of those too!  And what did we do without the iPhone??
    I'm crazy for my Twitter even though I rarely tweet.  I just lurk!

  5. I'm SO glad you shared these. I had no idea Ann had a photo app for One Thousand Gifts. I've got to get that! Jess