Blogging Makes Me Tired

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sometimes, blogging makes me tired. I have a million thoughts running through my head, and I can't find the quiet time or space to write them down. I read about SEO and keywords and branding, and I wonder if I should work harder behind the scenes of this blog. I think about getting serious, and approaching it like a business. That thought passes quickly, for it exhausts me more.

These days, I just want to live a full and good life, and write. When I get to corral my swirling thoughts and force them through my fingertips, it is a gift.

I had the great privilege of hearing Ann Voskamp speak at a local church recently. She quoted Martin Luther, "Satan hates the use of pens." She said that the enemy does not want me to scratch out words. He does not want me to slow down long enough to capture thoughts or think on the good things. He does not want me to make lists of gratitude, joy, love, beauty, or life. For that action - the writing - it slows me down, it wakes me up (as Ann says), and it helps me see that even the guilt on days when I don't have time to comment and connect with others, even that guilt is a gift.

Because there are others to connect with!

Like YOU.

You all are fantastic - you humble, honest, friendly and real women of blog-land. I am so glad that we have connected, even (especially) on the days when you read but don't comment because the kids need your attention and you're reading on the fly. I love that. I've been there. I AM there :)

The night that Ann spoke, I got to meet a blogging friend in person, for the first time:

That's me, and Shelly, from Redemption's Beauty. She writes beautifully, she inspires me, and we found each other in that great big room.

I also got to meet Ann.

She signed my copy of One Thousand Gifts, looked right into my eyes when she spoke, and simply exuded love and peace. Her face does not lie - she is joy. She shared that joy with a room full of beautiful women, including my friends Lindsey and Jessica of Local Goodness.

So, yes, blogging makes me tired. It is hard to find time to write, and I don't get to visit (virtually) as much as I would like. But I won't stop striving to connect with others online or in real life, because it has grown me in ways that could not happen - that did not happen - until I did the thing that the devil doesn't want us to do . . .

I wrote. And still, I write.

Does blogging, writing, or whatever you pursue ever make you tired? Is it worth it?

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15 Responses to “Blogging Makes Me Tired”

  1. There is something to say for pressing on, isn't there. Joy is on the other side.

  2. I'm so excited for you about meeting Ann! How cool. :) Yes, blogging does make me tired and like you, I have many thoughts that go through my head about what I would like to write but right now I have not been making the time to do it. I don't know if you ever wonder this when there are not any comments but I definately wonder whether or not I am really connecting with anyone through my blog but then I remind myself that the purpose of my blog is more to capture what God is teaching me. If others happen to read it too - great! If not, that's ok too. I am so thankful that you continue to write because I still check in every Monday through Friday to see what you have written!

  3. How fortunate you are to meet both Shelly and Ann!  I'd say that was quite a reward for all your hard and tiring blogging...

  4. You are right, Kimberly. That was a great reward.

  5. Megan - I feel the same way. The exact same way! But I try really hard to ignore the numbers and just write. That is hard, but like you said, it keeps me on track. If you touch ONE person's life with your blog, then don't you think the Lord smiles? That is a ministry. And you know it is improving your walk with Him, so that is reward enough. I love what you do - thanks for sharing yourself here, too. You know it means a lot!

  6. I have those thoughts about branding and working on my blog.  Then reality hits me and I realize where my priorities really are.  I love to blog and wish I could do it more often, but this season isn't focused on that. 

  7. Ah - yes! You just nailed it: "This season isn't focused on that." Thank you.

  8. Your words here are so encouraging!  Thank you, Courtney.  Right now, I am so tired just weary, and I appreciate your wisdom regarding the power evoked by slowing down, scratching down these claims of what He's given, who He is, who He's made me to be.  Bless you!

  9. Courtney, thanks for your kind words. I wish we would've had more time to connect. Maybe one day in the future. And I get this. I hit a wall yesterday and everything felt futile and made me feel weary. Between my husbands encouragement that "we all have days like this, don't try to figure it out" and my time with my Saviour this morning, I feel the hope returning. I put way more expectations on myself than others do, something I am learning to let go. Thanks for your honest words.

  10. Yes, it makes me tired. But I think what really makes me tired is not of God. It's anything that takes me off the purpose of writing honestly and making quality connections. 

  11. Shelly - Our visit was definitely too brief. We'll have to make time to connect, soon. Love that you are learning to let go - me too! It is a good feeling.

  12. Jennifer - Thanks for your encouraging comment and for sharing. Something about this time of year - coming out of a winter rest, perhaps - makes us all feel weary. It is nice to know we are not alone.

  13. Hi Angie! Thanks for stopping by. You are right that we should examine what is taking us off track and bringing on that tired feeling. For me, it is often just wasting time - clicking around mindlessly or getting distracted too easily. I have to make a distinction between activities that renew my energy - like quiet time with God or reading a good book, and those that deplete me, like 30 minutes online which I cannot account for! I know I'm feeling drained when I can't even remember what I was intending to do when I originally opened the laptop :)

  14. captured my sentiments exactly! and I receive encouragement from people like Ann and you! God has a plan for our pens. May we be bold and obedient as we listen to Him and share with others His voice.