A Break

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There's nothing like a vacation with your family to make you appreciate home.

Last week was our spring break, and we spent it in Austin, Texas. Hubby worked, and we tagged along. We enjoyed exploring the city and meeting many new friends. Austin's unofficial slogan is, "Keep Austin Weird." I started to get that within about 24 hours, as I saw tattoos and mohwaks . . . on moms . . . who were tenderly caring for their children at the Austin Children's Museum. You definitely don't see that in Charleston. It seems that people in Austin have a flare for all things artistic, and like to look, well, different.

Different is good.

I realized pretty quickly that the slogan should be "Keep Austin Weird and Nice," because everyone (especially those with a pink streak in their hair) was so nice. I was alone with the boys a lot, and more than once someone offered to stop and take our picture.

Even better, I got to have lunch with one of Austin's (and the blogosphere's) nicest residents, Jen, from Finding Heaven Today.

First, she's not weird at all :)

She is sincere and soulful. She is real and fantastic. I felt like we could have stayed and talked all day. It was a treat to be with her, and talk about how God is working in our lives.

That lunch was a highlight on an all-around great trip. I enjoyed sleeping in, not cooking, not doing laundry, and letting the kids snack away. Sure, we played Musical Beds (one room, two beds, four people = your sleeping partner changes every 2. 7 hours), and there was one stir-crazy afternoon stuck in the room, but mostly we enjoyed days by the pool, touring as much as we pleased, and tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It was nice, but the best part of any vacation is how much it makes you appreciate home.

Home - the mundane, the familiar, the necessary, the lovely.


It feels good.

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5 Responses to “A Break”

  1. Glad you enjoyed a trip to Austin. I live just a further south in Corpus Christi. I'm stopping by because I read your comment over at Amy's about The Blind Side!!! You are speaking my language.  I think I've watched that movie about 4722 times and I cry each time. As God has wrecked my heart the last few years I'm now serving on the inner city here. It's so true - many have NEVER had a bed. In fact, I remember last Christmas blessing a family with pillows because they had never had any. Any socks . . . they are a priced possession out on the streets for the homeless! It's a treat to visit you here today. Love your bloggy world.


  2. I guess I could have warned you about the weird factor -- but glad that it was a pleasant surprise.  And I'm glad you don't think I'm weird --- maybe we need to hang out  more often?  For sure, I'm coming to Charleston to crash your town (and house)!

    It was such a blessing to sit with you - you are an amazing, sparkling gem that spreads light wherever you go.

  3. You are welcome here anytime :) And you are too kind. I just loved our lunch and am so glad it worked out to meet up! 

  4. Looks like such a fun trip! Love your reflection on coming home especially.

  5. You lucky girl, I want to move to Texas so that I can be near around all of you bloggy girls over that way! My sis is moving there I think she is lucky! I love that you got to spend time together and it looks like your trip was fun. I never thought of Austin having a thing for 'flare'. huh? Love that, and really want to go now. Glad you got to get away!