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Friday, April 13, 2012

My New Year's resolution is to exercise three times a week. I need accountability to make that happen, so I created Fess Up Friday. On the second Friday of the month, I will tell you how I'm doing on my exercise goals, and you can share how you are doing on your goals. Encouragement and accountability - and hopefully, success - will abound! Join me?

Week of March 11th {Oh what a killer to lose that one hour!}

Monday - Motivated and walked to the dry cleaners with Little Guy. I may hire him out as a personal trainer, since he sat in the stroller and yelled, "Run, Mommy! Runnn!" I mean, really. How humiliating to be beaten down by a 3 year old. I foolishly did 80 lunges while he played on the neighborhood "climbing tree" on the way home, and my thighs were talking to me on Monday night.
Tuesday - Came thisclose to skipping Pure Barre, but I know I have to miss next week, so I went. I was rewarded! Two ladies complimented my form and asked me if I come all the time. When I recovered from the shock, I literally laughed out loud and said, "No, I only come on Tuesday mornings, but you have completely made it worth my while. Thank you!!" Compliments are the best, and I think they motivated me, because I held the plank for 90 seconds for the first time ever!

(Not me, but my friend Amy from Get an Hourglass Shape Just in Time for Swimsuit Season at Newby Mom. I bet she could do that for hours.)

Saturday - Walked/ran one mile with Little Guy in the stroller and Big Guy on his bike. I was pushing for more, but they got "tired," so we ran around in the backyard after that. They counted while I did jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups. My little personal trainers!

Fess Up: Three times, with help from the kiddos!

Week of March 18th

Monday - After one month of watching my kids take swimming lessons while retired dudes swam laps, it occurred to me, "I'm not watching a baby while an older child takes lessons . . . I'm just sitting here . . . I could be swimming laps!" So, today I did and HOLY COW I AM TIRED. Putting that in all caps was exhausting. Off to bed with my old self.
Saturday - This was the week where I snuck in some exercise here and there: sit ups in front of the TV, lunges in the kitchen, etc., because I was busy getting ready for the Walk for Water. Because the bank runs and t-shirt pick up took up my free mornings, I'm totally counting the 3.5 mile walk on Saturday as exercise!

Fess Up: Not exactly three, but after a super busy week, I'm okay with it.

Week of March 25th

Monday - Swam laps during swimming lessons. That + the shower experience with the kiddos after = exhausting.
Tuesday - Back at Pure Barre. Great class, and I held the plank for 90 seconds again!
Saturday - Not sure if this counts: sit-ups, push-ups and a plank before a massage while on a weekend getaway with Hubby. Probably doesn't count. . .

Fess Up: Twice

Week of April 1st

Monday - Walk with a friend, while pushing Little Guy (officially 38 lbs now, that one!). Later in the day, I took both boys on another walk, this time with the wagon.

(Oh yes, I did.)

Tuesday - Pure Barre. Had to hold that plank again, since I did it before. Ouch. I'm also realizing that I really need to work on stretching more than once a week. I love how this class incorporates that, and my dance background certainly helps my flexibility, but my age is fighting me! I can feel the difference that 34 years makes. Need to stretch more often.
Friday - Yoga in the living room, followed by about 15 minutes of moves I've been learning at Pure Barre. (My core is sore.) The boys played near me as I followed the yoga session on TV. It began with meditation, and I had helpers: "Mama, you're supposed to have your eyes closed - Crash! Arrrggh! Pirates are attacking!!! AAAAKKK! Reeerrrrh! Let me get them! No!! Mine! - How about I tell you when the teacher says to open them?" Totally helpful.

Fess Up: That makes three.

Week of April 8th

Spring break! I may work out while we are gone, but I may not. Since I've sworn off blog posting for the week, you'll never know :) Either way, I hope that you are still working on your goals and that you've had a fantastic week. I'll see you back here on Monday!

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