Just Curious: March and April Results

Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Curious is the weekly poll on the sidebar, right over there ------------>

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It is a fun way to express your opinion, anonymously, and learn more about each other. Here is a reflection of our community from March and April:

*Your kids have caught you throwing away their art work, and when they do, you gently explain, "Your work is beautiful, and I have saved quite a bit, but we cannot keep everything." However, a few of you are horrified that any mother would put a child's work of art in the trash. To you I gently say, Just wait.

*Most of you made New Year's resolutions, but the results were split between "continuing to work on them" or "adios to that." The choice that won the poll, though, was "I didn't make resolutions." The take away? Most of us make them, but keeping them is another story.

*You live in the South! Strike that - Y'all live in the South! Me, too. But we've got readers from everywhere here, and I love that. Welcome.

*If we had a real-life party, the cookies and cakes would go first. That is your favorite guilty pleasure, by one vote. I guess I'd be over at the cheese tray by myself . . .

*By and large, you do not use dry shampoo. I am shocked! I wonder if that changed after my tutorial?

*You happily stayed put for spring break.

*You all are so good. You floss, and some even enjoy it.

*Unless the results change drastically in the next couple days, I feel so much better about sometimes skipping the nightly bath with my boys. You don't bathe your kids every single day, either! Cheers :)

Got something you are Just Curious about? Put it in the comments and maybe you'll see it on the sidebar soon! Have a great weekend.

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  1. What a fun idea these polls are!  Thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my blog post "Fishers of men..."