Library Basket

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A scene from our living room:

I try to keep it real by not staging photos - computer cords and ratty chairs included!
That basket is our library basket. It exists to keep the kids' library books corralled. They are allowed to take library books into their rooms, of course, but having a place where the books "belong" makes keeping up with them sooooo much easier. They are less likely to end up under beds, behind closet doors, or on the bookshelf in the family room. As a result, we save money by (most of the time) avoiding fines.

We also enjoy the books more often because they are visible. I keep the basket next to a cozy chair, and that invites us to read. Our library bag is in the photo, too. It lives near the basket, so that we can carry our books to and from the library with ease.

As summer approaches, we will be more frequent visitors to the library. Our basket and bag system works for me.

How do you keep up with and enjoy library books in your home?

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6 Responses to “Library Basket”

  1. I so need to get a library basket! I have a couple of MIA library books right now, and actually plan to go on the crazy hunt through the house to find them today. Thanks for the tip!

  2. We use a library basket, too! But, I really need to get two baskets or cubbies so the school library books don't get mixed in with the community library books. We turned one in at the wrong place earlier in the year and my son couldn't check out a book at school for a bit.

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  3. This is a great idea! We are huge patronizers of the library and I am always paying fines and having to 'buy' books since ours seem to get eaten a lot...not by the dog...but by a skinny minny toddler!

  4. Um . . . here's the irony. The day after I published this post, I found four (!) library books on my son's bookshelf that I thought we'd already returned. Oops. Perhaps I need to make my kids read this post.

  5. If you know the number of books each week that helps as well. 

  6. I plan on taking my kids to the library regularly starting this summer and I've been keeping an eye out for organization tips so that we don't end up with large fines.  Thanks for the wonderful tip!