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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello, there! I have not fallen off the wagon with The William Morris Project. I've just gotten slightly off track and have a backlog of posts on what I've been doing to make my home more simple and (therefore) beautiful. (Translation - Spring cleaning got out of control and I couldn't keep up.)

One major item got checked off the list - the spice cabinet.

First, the takeaway from this post: We should have invested in McCormick, because I may be responsible for a large portion of their sales in the Southeast.

When I faced facts, the "spice cabinet" was really spice cabinets, with emphasis on the S. It was OUT of control.

The first order of business was to take everything out and wipe down the shelves. Horrifying, but necessary. I threw away all the expired items, and even came up with a solution for poor Grandma's (drippy) Molasses.

It is impossible to pour molasses from this jar without it spilling down the side. Until someone designs a better jar, I came up with a temporary coaster for it. It has been working well. I still wipe down the jar, of course, but no more unpleasant stickiness finding its way onto the shelf.

It only took me a few minutes to get everything down to one cabinet. Then, I starting organizing by category. I put all of Hubby's grilling items into one *special* container.

Next, I put baking items on the top shelf, spices in the middle, and the oils, vinegars, breadcrumbs, etc. on the bottom shelf. My logic was - What is heaviest and needs the most space? I bake more than the top shelf implies, but those smaller containers cannot justify the bottom shelf space.

I have to confess that the spices on the middle shelf are in rows of alphabetical order. Neurotic? Maybe. I've always arranged my spices this way, so call me crazy. It helps me find what I need, and I'm the only one who gets into this cabinet anyway. (Except for Hubby and his *special* container.)

I reorganized the cookbooks and other do-dads in the other cabinet, and waaaah-la:

It has been this way for over a month, and it still looks like the picture, so I think the revised system is working. But, I'm feeling like a spice-hog because after I organized my cabinet(s), because I found this adorable post, Organize the Spice Shelf on Small Notebook. Check it out and come back . . .

Okay - you're back.

The chicks! They are so cute. But are those her only spices? I'm stunned. Perhaps I have over-indulged with my recipe-following ways? (If it calls for turmeric, then I must have turmeric.) I'm perplexed. So I ask:

How many bottles of spices do you have? Are your spices organized?

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10 Responses to “Spice Cabinet Organization”

  1. I actually counted mine up for you! I have 15, not including my salts & peppers. But I use a lot of fresh herbs which might make mine less. 
    Congrats on cleaning yours up!! I cleaned mine up last winter and it makes me so happy now to look at it. 

  2. Hmm - moved into this house 10 years ago and most of the current spice cupboard contents came with us...thanks for the reminder to have a clear out.I have herbs on one shelf and spices on t'other but sorted by colour/brand not alphabet - couldn't cope with a rogue blue jar with the reds. And the bakery stuff is a whole other story.I like the special box for hubby's goodies too.

  3. I did the very same thing a few weeks ago. It felt so good to consolidate and clean out and put everything into jars with labels. I didn't count them, but I know that since cleaning and organizing them, I can say I use just about everything I have. I'm like you, I don't like to have something that a recipe calls for.

    Looking good!

  4. We have more spices than that, even after I sorted, purged and reorganized. I guess it just depends on how you cook--I can't imagine having less! Your cabinets looks great!

  5. Good grief--I have 25 spices out in jars and in use and more, lesser used, in bags in a box in the pantry. And that's after purging.

    You did a great job.

  6. Great, great job! I love your idea to put the grilling spices in one, special container. I think I'll do that for my husband.

  7. ugh! Spices! I have a tiny spice area in my kitchen and I try to pretend it isn't there. Thanks for the inspiration to get it functional!

  8. I didn't count, but I definitely have a lot less than you.  I'd say maybe 10-15.  Doesn't it feel great having the baking/cooking stuff separated? I do that, and it makes the prep much easier!  

  9. I love spices!  I experiment, mix and match, and have a generally good time with them.  I didn't count, but I have a full cabinet that looks much like your before shot!

  10. Looking good! That's a lot of spices - I think I have three!