The Mom Notebook: A Clean-Out and Update

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I created my Mom Notebook some time ago, and posted about it in January. Alas, it's been a busy few months. It wasn't so helpful when I looked at it the other day:
If this is going to help me stay sane during the at-home summer days ahead, it needs an overhaul. I decided to tackle it as my William Morris project this week, and I resolved to do it in 20 minutes and with what I had on hand.

Luckily, another notebook, from a committee I just rotated off (hallelujah, rotations!) was resting on the counter. It contained some beautiful pocket dividers, which I never properly used for said committee. Perfect for the Mom Notebook. 
My tabs are as follows: Blog/Newby Mom, Learning Center, SIES, Activities, and Home/Health/Parenting. That last one cracks me up - nothing like a big old catch-all! 

~The Blog/Newby Mom section holds my blogging and writing notes. The pocket in front (pictured above) holds coupons I don't want to forget about - like those Staples rewards and the JCP gift card. My lofty goal is to use them before they expire.
~The Learning Center is Little Guy's preschool. I keep class rosters, contact info, and the school calendar here. 
~SIES will be Big Guy's elementary school. I am already receiving information from them, and this is a good place to keep it.
~Activities is self explanatory, right? I've got summer day camp brochures and payment/confirmation information stored there, along with business cards for some possible future activities. (Piano lessons, maybe one day?)
~Home/Health/Parenting legitimizes all the ripped out articles I had shoved in the back of this notebook. I don't save much, but I'd like to be able to reference what I do.

Obviously, these are my customized tabs. Your notebook might only need one school tab, and your hobby might be painting, not writing. Whatever takes up your at-home time, those should be your tabs.

Since being accountable for my exercise goals has become a blog-related thing for me, I'm keeping my monthly exercise calendar under the Blog/Newby Mom tab. I simply jot down what I'm doing, and it helps me see that I am meeting my goals. (Hooray!)
You can't see it, but behind the legal pad below is a list of "Important Numbers" and Babysitters. This provides a quick reference for me to find help (aka babysitters) and for the babysitters to know our friends across the street, our pediatrician, etc. You know, just in case . . . The legal pad, by the way, contains my Week at a Glance.
I'm keeping important receipts in that front folder. I considered making a label, but decided that the post-it I jotted it on was good enough. I hope it remains fairly empty. For now, it holds a Michael's receipt for a framing project and a confirmation that Taste of Home will finally stop sending me stuff. (I love them, but enough is enough, already!) I'm looking forward to shredding both receipts, soon.

Do you have a Mom Notebook? Does it need a clean-out and update? 

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9 Responses to “The Mom Notebook: A Clean-Out and Update”

  1. Oh I love this peek. I am so nosy and get great encouragement and inspiration when I see how other moms are keeping it together! Thanks for the inspiration. Now I need some motivation! ;)

  2. Dawn - That is exactly why I shared it :) My notebook is pretty simple, and when it is clean (!) it helps a lot. Have a great day!

  3. Rita@ThissortaoldlifeMay 17, 2012 at 8:35 AM

    I have notebook envy. I really vacillate between keeping track of things digitally and on paper. I want to go all digital, but some things (like gift cards and coupons) are still on paper. And if I can't physically see things, I forget about them. Your system looks great. Especially like the visual reinforcement for making progress toward a goal. Think I'll steal that idea.

  4. I used to have a laminated weekly scheduled that traveled with me in the van.  Then my kids grew and my week days became more sane!  But the paperwork never, ever seems to decrease.

  5. i really want to have something like this. thnks for the idea

  6. I vacillate (great word!) in the same way. I actually keep everything on a digital calendar, and then transfer the major items to my "Weekly At a Glance" on Sunday night. It may seem duplicative, but it helps me since I have a horrible tendency to put things on my phone calendar and then not look at it every day :) Like you, I still need paper in my life!

  7. Kids growing and week days becoming more sane . . . . light at the end of the tunnel! Love it.

  8. This is really great! So organized.  I have a corner in my kitchen w/ the same info, but it's all in messy, overflowing separate folders. I like the idea of taming it all into one notebook. 

  9. Love those colorful pockets! I have a binder that needs an overhaul...I have been terrible about keeping it current. I mostly use my computer (Google Calendar and, but I wanted the binder so that everything is one place in case of emergency and someone else needs access to the info on kids/house/phone numbers, etc. Maybe I'll give it another chance.