The Nudge

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman won our poll the other day, for what book we should study this summer for Reap to Sow. Maybe you noticed Emily's message in the comments? I was tickled that she stopped by. She mentioned that she will be discussing her book weekly on her blog, starting May 31. 

Andrea and I are both interested in reading Emily's book and what she will have to say about it. We considered timing Reap to Sow to follow Emily's blog, and that perhaps this was divine intervention - an expanded book club experience! But as we thought more about it, and our family summer schedules, we came to the realization that Reap to Sow should be put off until the fall. I'll share my email response to Andrea with you:

"I love how God works. I've been feeling a nudge to cut back on my screen time this summer, but I've hesitated. I really wanted to do Reap to Sow. Now, with Emily's review of GFTGG going on at the same time and your suggestion to direct our readers that way (which my black or white literal mind never would have conceived) I think God is continuing the nudge. He is showing me how to cut back. I felt a sense of relief when I read your email - I think putting it off until the fall is what we should do." 
So, Reap to Sow will return, but just not yet. I will be blogging here all summer, but not five days a week. I enjoy being online and communicating with you all, but I can see that I shouldn't commit to a writing schedule with my boys at home all summer. The truth is, I've been struggling to find time to write for a while. The end of nap time has been the pits. As I write this, they are having "quite time" which usually results in scenes like this:
I mean . . . really?
Mid-afternoon breaks like that are not exactly helpful to anything I want to get done, be it writing, laundry or something else. I need to step back in order to figure out how to find time for this blogging hobby of mine. I need to live a little, too. I'd hate for my kids to remember this as the Summer That Mommy Sat At The Computer.

That being said, I still plan to post 3-4 times a week. I'll be reading Grace for the Good Girl and I look forward to hearing what Emily will have to say about it. But mostly, I'm looking forward to dirty toes, sweaty heads, sunscreen, chlorine, and all the other sights, smells and sounds that go along with little boys and summer. 
See you back here soon!

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3 Responses to “The Nudge”

  1. I just bought Grace for the Good Girl and will be reading it along with you! And I'm finally excited about summer... I'm using it as a time to give my creativity room to breathe. I won't disappear from the blog either, but I'm going to give myself permission to break any and all of the rules.

  2. Yay! Break all the rules - love that. I'm right there with you. The "rules" are self-imposed anyway, right?