Reap to Sow: Help Us Choose the Next Book

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday! Andrea and I are ready to start a summer round of Reap to Sow. Last October, we studied the book, The Power of a Positive Momby Karol Ladd, in the form of an easy-going online book club. Even if you weren't reading the book, you were invited to join in the conversation of how we could "reap" nuggets of information or helpful hints from the author, and then "sow" or apply them to our daily lives. 

This summertime version is going to look similar: Andrea and I will take turns posting on chapters, and you are invited to discuss the lessons learned, (reaped) and ideas applied, (sown) in the comments. If you want to write your own blog post about the book - super! We'd love to direct people your way. We welcome conversation and community in various forms. The only problem is, we've got to choose a book! Will you help us? 

We've narrowed it down to three great options:

Captivating, by John and Stasi Eldredge

You're Already Amazing, by Holley Gerth
Grace for the Good Girl, by Emily Freeman

You can click on the books to go straight their Amazon page* and read reviews, etc. Once you've decided, please take a moment to vote for one of these in the poll on the sidebar. You can vote there, or at Andrea's blog. Either way, please just vote once, and tell us (in the comments) if you are interested in reaping and sowing with us this summer! Also, if you've read any of these books, we'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

*I am an Amazon affiliate, which means that if you buy a book through that Amazon link, I'll get a few pennies. Thanks :)

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3 Responses to “Reap to Sow: Help Us Choose the Next Book”

  1. Grace for the Good Girl.  So many nuggets of truth.  So much worth pondering.
    BUT, that said, I've also been tempted recently to buy You're Already Amazing.  That sounds like a great read, too, and would be my second choice.

  2. I suppose I shouldn't get a vote since I wrote one of those books (ha!) but I will say that starting May 31 I'm going to be discussing Grace for the Good Girl weekly on my blog - I've not done that on the blog yet - at least not in depth. I may have video and definitely content to add to discussion. So if you DO decide on GftGG, maybe those posts could be good supplement for you.

    ...quietly slipping out now ;)

  3. Wow - Emily! Thanks for stopping by :) So glad you shared your upcoming plans with us. 
    Whatever we choose, I'll be there reading along for sure.