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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've written here before about how much Katie Davis's book, Kisses from Katie, affected me. Her story moved me to action, and it got me thinking about how we all have stories that can move others to action. You don't have to travel across the ocean to do something great. It can start in your own home, with the way you welcome people to your table, or how you do not complain about taking your mother-in-law to the doctor, or how you always speak to the janitor at your office. Those actions influence people, especially your children, and can move them to try harder, to smile longer, to listen better, and to love more . . . like Christ, who knew how to share a story.

Click here to read my May article for Newby Mom, Motherhood in Action.

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10 Responses to “Share a Story”

  1. love this.  have only started reading the book, but my teenage daughter has read it all, and i know it's changed her outlook.  
    small changes.  one step at a time.  if we were all to do a little, a whole lot could be accomplished.
    thanks for touching my heart this day :-)

  2. Hi Steph - Thanks for you recommend. It is all about "small changes and one step at a time." That is what is so encouraging. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I heard her speak a few times, she said from the time she was just very little people would ask her what she would want to be and she said, "be like Mother Theresa", the Lord set her heart for this from the beginning of time. She is an inspiration isn't she? Courtney, you inspire too!

  4. Wow. This is awesome... I JUST learned about Kisses for Katie on Sunday when I signed up to run a 5K that raises money for this organization!! I will be running in Americus, GA on June 23 for this cause. This post is definite affirmation that I chose a great cause to run for (and now I need to read the book!) Thank you :-) 

  5. I haven't read her book, but I love her blog!!! She has inspired me too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - you have encouraged me today!!

  6. nice article...the part that touched me was how your kids are praying for them now...that is awesome...have not read the book either so will add it to the list...

  7. Thanks, Brian. Definitely add her book to your list. 

  8. So happy to hear about this race! Very cool - you'll definitely enjoy the book.

  9. Oh, Marlece. You are too kind. I would love to hear her speak sometime.

  10. i love that sponsorship is a family affair.  you are giving me food for thought, lady. thank you.