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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's been a while since I did a Top Ten Tuesdsays list, but it didn't take me long to find some inspiration.
Our tables and baskets overfloweth (yes, overflow-eth) with magazines. I don't think we pay for any of them. The subscriptions have been gifts, or the result of unused airline miles. (I suppose we paid for the miles.) I never intended to have this many, but I enjoy (and recycle) them all. Here are my Top Ten:

National Geographic- This one makes me downright nostalgic. My parents subscribed and saved every issue. There was a shelf in our basement lined with yellow spines, which I frequently purused for middle school history reports. It makes me sad that kids can just Google "ancient Aztec ruins" now. There was a certain thrill for me at that age of discovery in finally finding the proper issue and using it to craft my report. I can't help but save every issue now. I know they are available online, but one day I hope to have a shelf lined with yellow that my boys feel free to explore. 

Southern Living - A must-have for anyone living below the Mason-Dixon line. I actually read and enjoy the monthly letter from the relatively-new editor, Lindsay Bierman. The magazine has evolved over time and it suits me just fine. 

Veranda - This is definitely an airline miles indulgence. I love looking at the pictures and finding inspiration, but sometimes the gilded rooms are a bit much.

South Carolina Wildlife - The photos in this one always make me want to take a weekend trip. It is another classic that we save, for the boys to enjoy now and later. 

Lowcountry Parent - A local freebie full of useful information. I always read Angie Mizzell's column, Getting Real.

Good Housekeeping  - The young professional girl I once was never thought I would "love" this magazine, but I do! 

Thriving Family - Another freebie, that I've written about before. The articles are helpful and thoughtful, and I look forward to it.

Garden & Gun- This magazine is absolutely gorgeous. The layout, the photos, the way it all comes together . . . and throw in spectacular writing. This one makes a great gift, and you don't have to be crazy about gardens or guns; just the South.

Family Fun - Disney publishes this magazine, which is absolutely full of craft ideas, games, snacks and wholesome "fun" ideas for your family. I always come away with at least one plan of action from reading this magazine.  

Lego Club Magazine - I'm including this gem because my kids love it. It is "free," unless you count the gazillion Legos it makes my boys want. Still, anything that engrosses them for hours makes my Mom list!

What are you favorite magazines?

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7 Responses to “Top Ten Magazines for Moms”

  1. I love magazines, too.  My daughter and I share them back and forth so it's like I get twice as many as I do.  Real Simple feeds my organizing soul is one of my favorites. Martha Stewart and Paper Crafts gets my  creative juices flowing.  Victoria and Tea Time to embrace beauty. A changing variety of free subscriptions: Family Circle, Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping, Vegetarian Times, etc.  If I'm at a Barnes and Noble I pick up Publisher's Weekly to keep abreast of the writing world.  And a brand new one I haven't yet received my first copy: Bible Study Magazine.  And for a once-in-a-while treat: Artful Blogging.  

  2. I used to subscribe to many of the same magazines you do -- and loved them for many of the same reasons you list (my sons used to drool over Legos and my daughter over American Girl :)).  National Geographic is still delivered to my house but more a favorite of my husband and son.  My two main magazine reads now are:  Shop Smart (a publication of Consumer Reports) that I wish I'd discovered earlier and The Week (a news publication).  

  3. Great suggestions! My kids ask all the time for the Lego one, I really need to get it :)

  4. I used to get so many magazines, but had to cut out a lot of the subscriptions.  One that I couldn't get rid of, however, was Family Fun.  I have been subscribing to it since before I had kids!  LOL

  5. Honestly, Tesha, my boys love it, and so does the girl across the street!

  6. Karna - I've never heard of either! Thanks for cluing me in - going to check them out.

  7. Wow! So many great suggestions and many are new to me. Thank you!