WFMW: Summer Goals

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are counting down the days to the end of school. Our summer vacation will start at the end of this month, and I want to be ready. I've signed the boys up for some fun day camps, and we have a couple of trips planned, but what about all the in-between time? I'm looking forward to the freedom of schedule-less days, but when I sense that we are watching too much TV or suffering from a heat-induced malaise, I want to have a plan
Enter Our Family Summer List:

While we were gathered around the table last weekend, I asked everyone what they wanted to do this summer. The list grew from that. I added the suggestions that don't involve pirates, camping, or jumping into a body of water. I considered searching the internet for more ideas or a cuter template, but again - staying normal and true won out. I divided our list into three basic sections: 
Places to go/Things to do
School Work
Music and Creativity at Home
I chose those descriptors, and focused our family conversation that way, because we need help in those areas. For example, we live in a tourist destination, but we sometimes forget to see what is right under our nose. We should get out and explore. School work is important because the boys have learned a lot in preschool this year. I don't want it to all seep out during episodes of Ninjago. Finally, I want the boys to have memories of a home filled with music and chances for creativity. "Wanting it" doesn't make it happen, though. I have to remind myself to turn on classical music (or Tom Petty) and open the child lock on the paint cabinet. 

I'm counting on Our Family Summer List to help us accomplish those goals. Honestly, I will feel a huge sense of accomplishment if we can drive by the Yorktown in August and I'm not racked with guilt when the boys ask, "When can we go there again?" 

I will reply, "Oh, darlings! We went there 24 times this summer! You'll have to wait until next year." ((Smile!!))

How are you getting ready for the summer with your kids?

{Reap to Sow will return this summer, and we need you to help us choose the book. Read more about our plans here, and vote on the top sidebar. Thank you!}

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P.S. I saw another cool license plate last night: GRTFUL

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3 Responses to “WFMW: Summer Goals”

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I should get a plan like this together. It may help us be more purposeful in how we spend our time this summer. Thanks for this.  Just curious: did you get your son's input on the activities or places they want to go?  Or did you put it together yourself?

  2. I got their input. I definitely offered some suggestions, but most of it was their ideas.

  3. What a terrific idea - I will certainly be borrowing from this post as my kids vacation this week!