WFMW: Tee Ball Snacks

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Before I could stop myself, I volunteered to bring snacks to my son's tee ball game last week. I suffer from the common female dilemma of not feeling Martha-Stewart-fabulous enough to qualify to bring snacks for (or host parties for, or make favors for, or do anything remotely crafty or domestic for) other people's children. 

It is ridiculous.

I fight it by forcing my non-perfect self into exposed situations: "Hey, I'll bring the snacks!" Then, I follow through with what I would normally do. My "normal" does not include decorative icing or stenciled labels, and sometimes I have to fight the urge to go in that direction. For this simple event, I did not rack my brain for ideas, order tee-ball themed cupcakes, or consult Pinterest (aka the Evil Empire of Superior Domestic Skills). I've learned that the key to fighting ridiculous notions is to stay true to myself and keep it simple. 

Our team consists of 12 five-year-old boys, some with food allergies and many with little siblings. I don't know all the other mothers very well, but I know that I'm not a fan of sugary snacks, especially for a Friday night tee ball game. (I want my kids sleepy when we're done, not on a sugar high.) So, I decided to go the healthy route: sliced oranges, blueberries, and strawberries.

It made the green part of me cringe, but I put the fruit in individual plastic bags. The thought of 12 pairs of five-year-old hands, dusty and dirty from the field, dipping into a common bowl made me cringe more.

I added Capri Suns and cheese sticks (both on sale at the grocery store that week) to our cooler, along with some extra servings for little brothers and sisters.
I brought a bag for the trash, and deposited the cooler in the dugout. The kids devoured the food, and I felt good about what I brought. Keeping these snacks within the realm of my normal and simply sharing them with others worked for me. 

Do you ever hesitate to do something simple, like bring snacks to a tee ball game, for fear of your efforts not being perfect or fabulous enough? How do you fight it?

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4 Responses to “WFMW: Tee Ball Snacks”

  1. I love it!  I too volunteer for stuff with the best intentions of making something cute but I always seem to forget that I don't make things that are cute!!  I usually go with apple slices or cereal bars and juice boxes.  That is why I am not even on Pinterest...I know it would make me even crazier!  I love that your snack is cute and nutritious!  Good job!!

  2. This is another way that I feel like you and I are alike which is another reason I love reading your blog! :) I don't think I have refrained from signing up out of fear but I use to stress over it and try to do something really great. I have learned to stick to the simple and the things I feel comfortable making.

  3. Ah, Jayda - thank you! I'm so glad you got what I was saying. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest right now. It can be a huge time waster if I don't use it to pin things I truly love. If I get on there and cruise around, looking at unbelievable ideas which I could never execute (honestly, don't want to execute), then it is just a drain. I suppose much of the internet is like that! :)

  4. Megan - You are the best. Thanks for your comment. I think we ALL secretly stress about this sort of thing, especially with a new group of people. I wasn't sure what the "standard" was; if there would be an expectation of something "cute" or what. It is like that whenever you volunteer to host the first school party of the year, or what have you - this situation repeats itself over and over throughout life. Hopefully I remember my own advice in the future to keep it simple and just do what comes naturally :)