Front Steps

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It used to be that I always took the boys outside for their afternoon snack. It was a necessary escape. I felt claustrophobic in the house after a day of nursing one and chasing the other. I craved outside air, and a glimpse of other adults. It was too late in the day to pack us up again, too soon to start the dinner routine. The front was just right when the backyard suddenly felt too private, lonely.

I'd forgotten about that until just the other day, when an impulse directed me to the front door. "No snack in front of the TV today, boys. We're going to take it outside."

It was lovely, greeting the now-familiar neighbors as they arrived home from school.
It was lovely, watching the breeze and swatting at bugs.
It was lovely, laughing and talking to each other - not Jake.

It was lovely, remembering how far I've come on this motherhood journey: No longer feeling pent up after long days, but rather, savoring each moment. (At least, most of the time.) 

I think we will make the front steps a summer tradition.

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11 Responses to “Front Steps”

  1. I love this idea!  I'm always looking for ways to be more intentional in my neighborhood.  I think we'll take snack time to the front porch too.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. So simple and I bet it makes such a difference!!  We too spend much time with  I'm craving simplicity as well!!!  

  3. If I am not outdoors at least a few hours a day, I am not living right. Natural light, fresh air, time to share. Perfect.

  4. oh, i look forward to these days. when i savor. thank you for this glimpse of hope. (we spent some hours on the front step today too :) it IS lovely...)

  5. yes.  these little traditions. that draw you to eachother in ways they will hold their whole life. what i try to remind myself is that what i remember of my mom from my childhood is these types of moments over the "big" events. 

  6. Me too - they don't happen every day, but I'm striving towards them. 

  7. Exactly - I remember little things like park picnics and homemade popsicles. I have to remind myself of that when I get overextended trying to plan "big" things :)

  8. What a beautiful summer tradition. It reminds me of something I've forgotten, how I used to have my quiet time on my front porch, at least in the spring and fall, but now I don't.

    I love when my neighbor's kids go outside and play. I bet your neighbors feel the same when they see you outside with yours. Thanks, Courtney for sharing.

  9. The boys and I very often have our afternoon snack on the front step (I kind of wish it was a front porch, but I'll take what I can get!). Sometimes after they've finished and run off to climb the pine tree or ride their bikes, I lie back on the hot cement and watch the honey locust tree branches wave above my head, listening to the birds. Hey, you may have given me an idea for another Graceful Summer post -- mind if I steal it?!

  10. Thanks, Lisa. In fact our neighbors have shared that they love seeing our boys playing outside. I try to keep that in mind :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  11. Me too - ours are front steps, but maybe one day, a front porch! And by all means, take the idea and run with it. I'd be honored.