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Friday, July 20, 2012

A little birdie told me that an article about local "mommy bloggers" is running today in the Moxie section of the Post & Courier. You'll probably get to read it before I do - I'm writing this on the 14th, because I'll be waaaaaay out of town on the 20th. Wouldn't you know it? My first-ever phone interview, and my first-ever "just act normal" photo shoot, and I'm not even here to see the end product. For all I know, A Work in Progress is just one line and our photos didn't even make the cut . . . 

Either way, I'm absolutely tickled and honored.

If you're local, please save a copy of the article for me. I hope it is good. I pray that the joy I get out of blogging is evident, and that the mission of A Work in Progress is clear: this is a place of encouragement for the journey. 

The journey of faith, the journey of motherhood, the journey of life. My original explanation of why I started this blog remains accurate. I enjoy exploring my faith here, sharing random thoughts, and learning from you. 
If you are visiting for the first time, Welcome. Please click around, explore, and make yourself at home. You can find book reviewsglue gun tricks (my one and only), weekend meditation, and everything in between. If you've been here from the beginning, Thank You.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Have an awesome weekend. I'll be back to "live" blogging as soon as we return.

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3 Responses to “A Work in Progress in the News”

  1. Great article Courtney!  You are such an inspiration in real life and in the blogging world.  Enjoy your trip...can't wait to hear all about it. 

  2. Congratulations Courtney! So excited to see the article and the great pictures of you in action. :)

  3. I am tickled for you! The spotlight is shining on a wonderful mom, blogger and someone committed to encouragement for the journey!