Better Posture For Better Photos

Monday, July 30, 2012

Many years ago, I was a ballerina. People complimented me on my posture; some I suspect was sarcastic. Long after my dancing days, I remember hearing, "You sit up so straight. You can relax, you know."

I sighed. I became self-conscious about sitting up TOO straight, and I am sorry about that. For now, two kids and many years later, I've found myself wondering, "Who is that slouchy girl?"
I became especially aware of this when I had to wear a strapless gown for my friend's recent wedding. My shoulder were oh-so-visible. Looking back at the pictures now, I didn't hold my shoulders as far back as I could have. As I should have. I was a wee bit slouchy.
But I worked on it.
Can you see the difference? I can. There is still room for improvement.

Another tip I learned from our Paris fete: tilt your chin down every so slightly in head on photos. We were pulled in tight around the bride for a group shot, when someone said, "Ugh. This is not going to be a good angle for me." Someone else said, "Tilt your chin down. It always works." My brain couldn't process that before the shutter flashed, but now I see it when I look back at our photos from later that night. I'll spare you the half-shadow, blurry, flashing-dance-floor-lights pics, but trust me when I say that in all our "girls just wanna have fun!" shots my head is the one that looks large. My friends were rockin' the head tilt. Their faces look thinner and their necks are not scrunched up. You live 34 years, you learn something. I practiced it later in the week,
and I like it. Shoulders back, chin slightly down . . . much better.

Major Disclaimer: If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I don't relish putting photos of myself up here. In fact, I'm struggling to hit Publish. But this blog is about encouragement, and helping one another. I'm glad that my friends and family (especially my dad!) have encouraged me to "stand up straight" and (now) give it your best head-tilting effort. I feel the need to pass it on. Wouldn't we all like to see a better photo of ourselves? It is a small thing, but it sure can put a little spring in your step.


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4 Responses to “Better Posture For Better Photos”

  1. This is a wonderful post. I'm guilty of the slouch as well. And the head tilt works-- I do that! Some friends got together for my husband's class reunion this weekend, and the girls kept taking (and retaking) photos until everyone in the shot was happy with how they were posing in the photo. Once the picture taker told me to lift my head UP, that I was tilting too much! To some, this all sounds like superficial shallow talk... but it's not really. I don't think there's anything wrong with learning how to present ourselves with confidence. 

  2. Good advice.  The more I hurt the more my shoulders round.  Sometimes even the therapist can't get them on the table. But since I'm so aware of it I'm constantly  telling my daughter to hold her shoulders back!  Now the head tilt--I can be all over that.  Ha.  You look stunning regardless.

  3. I'm behind on reading comments - thank you, Pamela! You are too kind :)

  4. Angie - Agreed! Thanks for stopping by.