Fess Up Friday: I Joined

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's back! I know you spent most of July wondering, "What happened to Fess Up Friday?" But just in case this wasn't on the top of your list, or it isn't even sounding familiar - back in January I promised to post about meeting goals and celebrating indulgences on the second Friday of the month. My primary goal has been to exercise regularly, but in June I confessed that I was falling off the wagon. I didn't even bother writing about it in July because I was too busy indulging in summer.
Our summer has been ridiculous, filled with once in a lifetime opportunities and memories. The beach, Paris, and an abundance of quality time both as a couple and as a family - indulgences, all. 
I am so grateful.
But like all good things, these too have come to an end. I've learned a lot about appreciating and finding the quality time - enough for a post later, I'm sure - but what I mean is, these summer indulgences have been special because they cannot last. Summer is ending, and it is time to get ready for the next season. It is time to get back to a regular routine. It is time to take down all the coloring pages that Mom let you hang on your walls.
While my kids are cleaning, it is time for me to remember my goal - and do something about it. So, last Friday, I finally - after a six year hiatus - joined a gym.
That's been my view three times this week. Goal!

What about your summer? Has it been goal-oriented, full of indulgences, or somewhere in the happy middle? How are you making the transition out of summer and still keeping an eye on your goals?

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6 Responses to “Fess Up Friday: I Joined”

  1. Courtney,
    So fun looking at all of your indulgences! My summer goals...eeeek, didn't happen, but that's ok. I'm re-evaluating and moving on. High-five for joining the gym. I miss my old gym. It was the perfect place for some me time.

  2. Amy - It is the perfect place for some me time, which I didn't realize I was missing. I've been reading on the elliptical machine, which makes it much more bearable. I've also seen someone I know every single time, making a nice social outing as well. Win-win!

  3. Paris. {sigh} Someday. That's a goal for us! We're aiming for 2014. But in other, closer news, I've been giving updates at the end of each month and setting goals for the next month, but, like you, I sort of fell off over the summer. Stuff is still happening and things are being accomplished, they just were on the list, so to speak. Congrats to you on getting back to the gym! I got into a routine of 6 days a week on the treadmill in our basement, then fell off this last week (not literally) and have only walked twice. It's been crazy, and it's only getting crazier, but I know that I have to MAKE time to do it. It's good for me. Thanks for the encouragement to try again! Have a great week-end.

  4. Summer is the time for relaxed goals.  Especially when the summer involves children.  I'm happy you had such memory-making experiences.  I'm looking forward to September and the picking up my goals.  

  5. I like your attitude, Pamela. Enjoy August, and pick the goals back up in September. Sounds reasonable!

  6. Carrie - 2014 sounds great! It will be worth it. As for your routine - six days a week on the treadmill is impressive! Two times is still good. It is summer, after all :) Hope you had a great weekend, too.