Resurrection Fern

Monday, August 6, 2012

Unlike many parts of the country, we've been awash in rain lately. Summer thunderstorms ruined more than one trip to the pool/soccer practice/outside play date last week. I know - rough life. Rain is nothing to complain about. It nourishes. It sustains. It is necessary.

It forces us inside, close and quiet. 
Cozy. More Go Fish. More Old Maid. More Legos.
Cramped. More fussing. More fighting. More messing.
Frustrated. I'm bored. He won't share. Why won't they listen? I'm hungry. Someone's crying. Who spilled this? ARGH!!
We want the rain to stop. It doesn't always bring out our best side. 
But then,
life flourishes.
The resurrection fern only comes out after it appears dead, dried out and worn out. It blooms after the rain.
When I saw it at the park the other day - sweating, and after some frustrated, broken Mom moments - I was reminded of God's grace and all-knowingness during the rain. He knows. He knows. Resurrection comes after the rain.

Aren't you glad about that?

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3 Responses to “Resurrection Fern”

  1. Great insight - thank you for sharing

    Marissa @

  2. He Knows. Amen. :) Enjoy the cozy-ness, it's a season.

  3. Oh, yes. I'm so glad about that. And after a day of building forts (which was nice, until the tired, bored 3-year-old knocked it down) this was wonderful to read. Great photos.