Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for Back to School

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No matter what school looks like for you (nursery, public, home, etc.), there is no denying that Back to School season is upon us. 

I am getting ready in the following ways:
(1) Return to Organization - One day in July, I didn't have any plans to write on my "week at a glance" Later, I forgot it all together. Those wide open days were lovely, but school requires a return to my stay-organzed routines. Hello, monthly folders and Mom Notebook. You will be used.
(2) Practice Getting Up Early - This also involves going to bed at a reasonable hour. Big Guy has to be at school at 7:30 a.m. this year. Yaaaawwwn.
(3) Pray - Not just for my kids or myself or my family, but for the teachers. I wrote this one down last year and seriously did it on a regular basis. Pray for your kids' teachers, the administrators, and the staff. It can't hurt.
(4) Check the Supplies - Of course. Get that school supply list out and check it twice. I thought I had three 8-packs of Crayola washable markers, broad, primary colors (not specific, or anything!) but I only had two. Drat!
(5) Grocery Shopping - Not only am I getting ready for our Back to School Feast, but I want to make sure that my boys have a good breakfast and healthy lunches packed for their first few days. This has required two extra shopping trips for me (again, working on getting organized!) but I'm glad I thought of it. I'd hate to wake up at 0-dark thirty on the first day of school and realize we were out of bread. "Sorry, Big Guy, just eat the turkey like a roll up. It's fine!!" Not like he doesn't take the sandwich apart and do that anyway, but still.
(6) Plan Play Dates for Little Brother - He is going to howl at the moon due to loneliness, he just doesn't know it yet. I'm trying to help him out by making the two weeks before preschool starts fun.
(7) Clean up Artwork Displays - Ideally, this would include cleaning out the rubbermaid boxes which house all their preschool projects and starting a genius schoolwork filing system, but I'm not there yet. For now, I'm going to continue ignoring the overstuffed rubbermaid boxes, remove the pictures that have been displayed for months, 
and create some blank space for new treasures.
(8) Talk About Our Beliefs - At this age, the "issues" are still fairly simple: We say "bottom," not "butt." We say "be quiet," not "shut up." We don't say, "Oh my God." But . . . other people do. Other kids will, some adults will. The reasons we don't say those things, or act in a certain manner are __(fill it in for yourself)__. These talks are important, even now.
(9) Reach Out to Like-Minded Friends - Sometimes it feels like you are the ONLY parent who won't let your 3 year old watch Star Wars. You're not. Reach out to your friends. No one is raising their children exactly like you, but it is nice to figure out who is coming close so that you can compare notes. Even better, here's hoping that your kids can become friends with those kids who are also being corrected and deprived on a daily basis.  
(10) Savor the Moment - Days at home can be long, but they are precious. This time with little ones is just a blip on the radar screen of life . . . enjoy.

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8 Responses to “Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for Back to School”

  1. As usually, you're right on the money with all of this. I hope your school has a chapter of Moms in Prayer. It can be sort of hard to find out as they don't really advertise. :) It's a wonderful way to both pray for your school and meet other moms. Wishing you a joyful transition!

  2. Great list. I love number 8.

  3. Great list - we start 2 out of 3 school goers tomorrow. Yikes! And I want you to know you inspired me to start a Mom notebook - thanks a million for this sanity saving idea. :) And I can't wait to see the details of the Back to School Feast!

    Re: Star Wars. I had to chuckle at that...when our two oldest boys (cause my daughter would never have thought of it) launched into Star Wars awareness, there was no question we would let them watch it until they were "older." Ahem. I made it until 7 & 5. Which means Ben, our 3-year-old, also watches them. I realized the irony of this a few days ago. But, I would love to hear any wisdom from experienced mamas on how they manage to keep their youngest-by-more-than-several years from watching movies their elder siblings enjoy especially if bedtimes are around the same time.

  4. Wonderful list of goals.Re-vamping my Home Manager to get back into using it too. I can attest that #10 is so important too. I have one married son out of the house 8 years now, one starting college today, and my daughter is in 10th grade. Your description of time with little ones being a blip on the the radar screen of life is so accurate. It goes so fast. Have a great start of the new school year.

  5. Andrea - You are so right. I let our 3 year old watch all sorts of things that my 5 year old is also seeing for the first time. As the oldest in my family, it is funny because that is exactly what I would complain to my parents about! :) Hope your first day of school for everyone went well today. Saying a prayer for you all!

  6. Ginny - Thank you for saying that. It is just a blip! And wow - one starting college today. Congrats! I pray that everything is going well for all your children in their different stages.

  7. I miss these days of school beginnings. (Love that top picture) Now my getting-ready-for-school involvement is praying for the children. I'm praying for yours!