An Update

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't let my blogging habit fool you - computer programming is not my forte. HTML give me hives and if I can't decide on decor for my home then how will I ever make a decision about the look of this blog?!

My analysis paralysis is on full display here.

Being featured in a recent (local) newspaper article has only added to my panic attack. This blog is still a hobby - not a business - and I treat it as such. Still, it is time for me to do some updating around here, and it will be a slow process, I'm sure. You may have noticed my first step: I dropped the "blogspot" in my address. The old address will automatically refer you here, but this is now "officially"

Whoo-hoo. I'm going to work on improving the overall look here, too - be patient if you come back and it looks halfway done for a while. I am (after all!) a work in progress :)

Also, one last thing - would you mind answering the Just Curious poll about Disqus? (It is on the sidebar. If you are reading via email, click here.) A number of you have told me that you've had trouble with it. Also, the comments for certain posts have (temporarily, I hope) disappeared during the site name transfer, so I'm trying to figure out my next move. Your input is helpful.

Thank you! Now, carry on and have a super Wednesday. I'll be reading this:
Source: via Kee on Pinterest

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6 Responses to “An Update”

  1. Cute monkey, there! Congrats on your new address! I wonder at what point that would be necessary? Checking to see if my comment goes through so I can answer your question. Love your blog...In His Grace, Dawn

  2. I have had only one person tell me that they get a message which says "their browser does not support" - but it's something to do with their end- all my comments transferred over when I made the switch - but I'm really still in trial mode with Disquss as well - congrats!

  3. What can't you do? Repurpose, html, write? If you show some cooking pictures on here, we are officially not friends.

    PS I totally forgot I invited you to SDG! It just seems as if you have been a part forever.

  4. Thank you , Dawn. I appreciate your help. I'm not sure what sort of makeover I'll end up with here. Any changes are going to take a long time since I work at it in spurts - but still, it is an interesting challenge and (mostly) fun :)

  5. When I first made the switch to Disqus, it took a few days for all my comments to switch over, but they eventually did. Now, the comments aren't switching over from when I had "blogspot" in my address - even though I can still see them in my dashboard. It is confusing, but hopefully I'll figure it out as I stumble along and tinker. Hope you have a great weekend, Kelli!

  6. Ummmm - I definitely cannot html and my repurposing skills are clearly limited :) But thank you for the vote of encouragement. I have been known to post the occasional cooking pictures on here, but those posts are more about my insecurity (for example - the pressure to bring perfect tee-ball snacks, akk!) than my cooking skills. Still friends? :)