Fess Up Friday

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ah, yes - the second Friday of the month. Time to confess that I am (still) not meeting my goal of exercising three times a week . . . but I am (still) going to the gym on a completely random basis. This morning, a friend has convinced me to try hot yoga.

Pray for me.

The indulgences are much easer. I've eaten most of the chocolate ice cream that I bought for the boys. I impulsively went out with some friends after a meeting. I scheduled a day time date with Hubby for tomorrow. And recently, I've been blogging my little heart out. I'm not sure that is a true indulgence, as I haven't figured out how to write consistently without multitasking in so many other areas. I suppose that better time management should be a new goal. Still, I enjoy it. 

Finally, a more intellectual indulgence has been reading this book:

It is so captivating, I don't want it to end. I'm pretty sure that I have the ending figured out, but for some reason that isn't bothering me. I remain intrigued, possibly because the writing is so good. I definitely recommend The House at Riverton

How are your goals coming? Any indulgences (good books, especially) you care to share?

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3 Responses to “Fess Up Friday”

  1. As of right now, my goals are still in my head. I think I need to write them down. I'm avoiding writing them down. Because then I would feel obligated to do work toward them. And for some reason that scares me. Which means I now need to explore why that scares me. Thank you for the nudge to get moving on this... ;)

  2. Hey - I understand. The only goal I'm willing to say out loud is "exercise three times a week" - and I'm not even doing that! There are other goals in my head that are waiting to be recognized and validated. You are not alone! :) Hope you have a great weekend, friend.

  3. Tomorrow is a new day - you can even start today - even just 10 minutes of exercise and you'll be happier about it :) (that's your pep talk) now, I ate 4 rolls today. . . . . whoops!