Just Curious: July and August

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thanks for hanging out with me this summer. You all are fun and interesting people! In case you need some proof, here are the results of our Just Curious polls, from July and August:

Most of you decreased your time online this summer, a little. But a solid 1/3 did not.

The iced tea question was popular. Taking it iced and sweet won by one vote - only one! Is this a North/South thing, or is that geographical assumption pure folly? Hmmm . . . .

At the end of July, you were ignoring the "back to school" ads - me too. I was thoroughly enjoying our schedule-free days at that point. I also about died from shock when I walked into Michael's on July 31 and saw Christmas decorations. Christmas!!!

We loved the Olympics! But, like at least one of you, by the end of the two weeks, I was losing interest. It's okay. If we could stay focused for more than 10 days, we might all be Olympians. Right?

On super-hot summer days, you appreciate freon. Air conditioning is a fave. I hear you. That is helpful, especially with young kids. But as mine have gotten older, I've found that being near water is a great way for us to stay cool and wear them out. So, we are 50/50 on that at my house.

Most of you share pictures of your kids on Facebook, but only every once a in while. I think discretion is good thing in that arena. When I find myself getting a little too Facebook happy, I go cold turkey for a few days. It is amazing how much I get done during those "off" days!

Like you, I rarely change my purse. (But, wow - props to the one person who said she changes every day.) There are just too many essential things in my purse to risk getting lost, not to mention that once I find a good "mom bag" it is hard to let go. Last weekend, I retired the purse I've been carrying all summer and my youngest noticed, "I like your new purse." As I explained that it came from my stash in his brother's closet, Big Guy chimed in with a big eye roll, "Yeah - she's got a million in there!" Not quite.

Finally, in case YOU are Just Curious, here are two pics from our second Back to School Feast - this one was for Little Guy, who started preschool this week.

As promised, we repeated the theme and verse, but granted his wishes for the decor. Thankfully, I've hosted four fire truck birthday parties in the last five years, so we are good to go with fireman decorations. 

I hope everyone is happily Back to School now, and that you all enjoy your weekend!

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2 Responses to “Just Curious: July and August”

  1. Hi Courtney! Great blog and interesting post! I've shared this post on Google+. I'm now following you with GFC and FB. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Such a fun read, Courtney. I loved the Olympics, too. Was so sad when they were over and I realized it would be 4 years until the next ones.