Monday, September 24, 2012

Community is hard. It's not about good manners or hospitality. Those things aren't enough. To have community, real community, there has to be trust. Trust is key. We've got to trust that our common bonds in Christ cannot be broken by differing opinions. 

I can speak honestly, and still be welcome. You can disagree with me, but you won't walk away. That is what the church, Christian community, should look like. 

That is a brief summary of what our pastor talked about on Sunday. I'm still chewing on it, but I like it. What do you think? Is community defined by trust?

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7 Responses to “Trust”

  1. A blogger who calls herself the Beer Drinking Angel visited my blog recently. If you look her up you'll see a recent post about dysfunctional families. Her point was very similar. Yes, trust is critical. If we had all the answers, then we'd be God. Since we're not, we need a foundation of trust to lean on. Trust in God, trust in each other.

  2. Most definitely. Without trust you don't let anybody in and you can't have real community without vulnerability, which requires trust.

  3. Amen friend. Visiting from Emily's. Your words ring true, beautiful true.

  4. Community IS hard. And it can be so hard to disrespect and keep in grace and love all the while. I'm learning, and I loved your reminder here tonight.

  5. Sheesh, I didn't mean to say disrespect... DISAGREE. Oy. Must be bedtime. ;)

  6. oh wow. yes. hard, but yes.

  7. Hi Cara - I chuckled at this. And yes, you are so right - disagreeing and still loving is hard. But so good. Have a wonderful weekend.