WFMW: The Carpool Line

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We've entered a new phase, where I now spend a good portion of my day in a long line of cars. 

I thought I'd done the carpool line thing with preschool . . . ha! Elementary school carpool lines are longer and more intense. You'd better be off your cell phone and paying attention. 
I don't mind picking my child up. I actually want to be the one who gets him, and I am free to do it. My younger son gave up naps long ago (sigh) so he is happy to ride along, and I only work when the boys are in school - I know, lucky. So anyway, the point of this post is - What to do in that long line? Conveniently, my local Christian radio station airs the Focus on the Family show during our carpool time. It is a great way for me to get a "dose of encouragement" and center myself for the rest of the afternoon. The program often reminds me of the importance of this quality time with my children, so I make sure the radio is off and my ears are open when my kindergartner finally hops in the car.

This isn't to say that I don't answer the occasional text or check some emails on my phone while I'm waiting. I do. But the Focus on the Family segment helps me do just that: focus on my family and remember why the long line is totally worth it.  

How do you pass the time in the carpool line?

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One Response to “WFMW: The Carpool Line”

  1. We listen to children's books on my IPOD. It's a nice transition for a just-waking-up three year old who along for the ride.